BioShock PC Demo Officially Released

The BioShock PC demo is now available for download on FileShack(Shacknews). Here is your thread to anticipate things and things. Firstly, it's been made very clear that you are going to need the latest NVidia or ATI drivers for your videocard.

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TriggerHappy4076d ago

sadly for me, my PC requirements does not come close to what this game is offering. I dont have a 360 so i guess am gonna miss out then ?

I plan on buying a PS3 in a few months, any chance ?

Lakuspakus4076d ago

Any chance Bioshock will come out on PS3?
I wouldnt bet my lifesavings on it.. not even the money i have in my pocket right now.

razer4076d ago

you will be missing out on this fantastic game then my friend.

That's the beauty of owning 2 consoles. You never miss out on a good game, but you end up with troubles trying to find money to pay for them all.

TriggerHappy4076d ago

So basically am facked ? ah oh well, it was a nice try. I will just read previews and reviews and watch gameplay videos..:(

barom4076d ago

I wonder if my 7600gs would hold up. I highly doubt it but I really want to see what all the fuzz is about.

Premonition4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

There have been word going around it should be coming to PS3 some time in 2008 but not official yet, but i dont think T2 will pass the chance up with sony.

For people who disagree, BIOSHOCk is a different game from MGS4, MGS is basically sony branded to me BIOSHOCK is like saints row, many argued it wouldnt come to PS3, and guess what it was announced but of course cancelled and now saints row 2 is coming to PS3, so I dont see why T2 wouldnt bring it to all 3 consoles, its not like its a Halo brand or anything. But when it does come im gonna say I told you so.

The Dude4076d ago

I am really looking forward to MGS4 and Virtua Fighter on the 360.

Bioshock Tuesday : )

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ShiftyLookingCow4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

already tried it

heres my old comment:
installed nvidia beta drivers 163.44 with "improved compatibility" for Bioshock. time to restart.

played at easy one time, runs 20-60 fps all max settings with dynamic lighting at 1680x1050(I am sure its my [email protected] cpu thats hindering it), tried to enable AA with nHancer but didnt work. Textures are marginally more hi res than 360 version. Effects are better but most people wont notice it. I guess the main advantage is being able run at 1980x1200 at which AA doesn't matter much. Anyways great game for 360 and PC owners(if you have an able system)

edit: shoot I ran my demo with global lighting which is cr*p, time to download to try again

The_Firestarter4076d ago

I already beat the demo, and guess what people? It was pretty cool! I enjoyed it; I can't wait until tomorrow for the actual release. yay

ElementX4076d ago

I bet at the GC there's an official announcement that Bioshock will remain exclusive for 360 and PC.

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