Move: Guide to the First Weekend

TSA writes:
We thought we’d give you a day or two to get used to those vibrantly glowing orbs before we told you what your options were. We have, of course, previously given you a fantastic guide to all thing Move and a lovely little launch guide to get you excited for it. It’s Saturday night though, and you’ve probably got mates coming round who are keen to see your new toy.

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kidnplay2956d ago

A lovely little roundup of Move so far - bravo TSA. Personally, I'm reserving judgement on Move (and, indeed, motion control) until I play some games with it.

Close_Second2956d ago

...but my kids and I have been having a blast with it. Highlights for me so far are Table Tennis, Flight Control and High Velocity Bowling.

Lowpoint - no simultaneous multiplayer mode for Start the Party.

RageAgainstTheMShine2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

I understand your low point because I wished for it too
I find it really inconvenient for simultaneous multi player on Let's Start the Party because:

1. the way games played on it is so wild players might hurt each other

2. the playing area is only at the narrow 480p standard definition not wide screen high definition screen contributing to the limited space unlike Sports Champion games they are at wider HD screen resolutions

3. also its an entry level game made also for those who can afford only 1 Move controller

but all in all the kids loved it and so did the parents! : )

harv0522956d ago

My biggest pet peeve....planet minigolf demo CANNOT be played with have to buy the full version.

KonohagakureFC2956d ago

I still wanna know how big is the Tiger Woods patch in megabytes...

2956d ago
rekof2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

I have wii with motion+ ,.. Move shits on it,.. makes motion make sense,.. it really is precise,..

Ping-pong is just incredible,.. making spins, cuts,..
will be getting the second one next week,..
feels incredible in the hand,.. even nav feels better because it is a little longer,.. and it is wireless,.. Actually I did not think it would work so great,.. was a bit wowed,..

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