Next-Gen People: BioWare Greg & Ray

Possibly the biggest double-act in game development, Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka take the Next-Gen questionnaire...

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mikeeno75395d ago

Bioware are awesome. Lionhead too. And the Forza team. And Bungie. And...well, there is too many good development teams and they are all exclusively developing for 360. If anyone is a right-minded gamer, they will take my route and by all 3 consoles eventually, so you don't miss the greatness that each offers.

achira5395d ago

lionhead is not so good. fable was a big disappointment and to linear. for me there are far better development studios.

Watapata5395d ago

Lionhead released a game, Black and White 2 completely and totally plagued by issues such that many people could not even play the game...I'm still not sure if those issues have been resolved...I gave up on my copy 6 months after the game was released when the issue still hadn't been resolved...I'd hardly say that they are a great company considering this...

wakkiwakko5395d ago

B&W1 was still better in game play than B&W2. Only thing B&W1 needed were the graphics from B&W2. :(

I liked Fable though. Very Short. But admirable.