PAX Prime ’10: Crysis 2 Impressions (From A Fancy Party)

Nukezilla's Jon Ruggiero:

"Sure, it wasn’t the naked-women-walking-around-han ding-out-coke-type event I was expecting but it did give me time with a game I thought I’d never get to play, I also think it was a great learning experience; I finally got to see what these review events are like. And the game wasn’t half bad either."

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wardrox2978d ago

I want to go to a fancy party :(

wuerflein2978d ago

Building a new PC right now and I'm still not convinced it'll run this.

Letros2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

Define run, console settings it won't take much at all, but where's the fun in that?

Judging from what I've seen so far and how optimized they claim it is, I'd expect a Core i7/Phenom II X4 and GTX 460 to max it in DX11 at 1080p with constant playable frames.