Rugby League Live screenshots

Several screens for the latest rugby league title, Rugby League Live, released alongside the confirmation of the games release date.

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iamnsuperman2954d ago

looks bad.....can't anyone make a decent Rugby game

Gamedot2954d ago

The other RL titles have played well, just the players look shocking.

ndibu2954d ago

...No, real men grab each other by the balls and jump on each other with no protective to skin baby! The last EA Rugby game was pretty good. Right?

iamnsuperman2954d ago

they play well but they look awful. If a good looking Rugby game came out I would buy it

Gamedot2954d ago

Why does it need to look good if it plays well? Graphically it's not brilliant granted, but if FIFA looked like that but plays like it does, would you not get it?