Sony takes jab at Microsoft, says 360 is 'reliant' on shooters

Take one look at the 2010 lineup for the high-definition consoles and one trend becomes - shooters are big. This holiday season, Halo: Reach, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Medal of Honor are set to dominate retail, while games like MAG and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 were big hitters at the beginning of the year.

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-Alpha2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Well, it is true. Not that that's particularly a bad thing-- I don't find the genre that bad if the games are good. They have Gears & Halo as their top games and they are great games. Sony has just as many shooters with MAG, Killzone, Resistance, and Socom. But the key here is diversity in exclusives, in which case MS lacks. MS doesn't necessarily take the risks with their titles. It'd be nice to see them take some bold steps instead of relying on what they know works. And truth be told, shooters work. Especially games like Gears and Halo with a majority of American gamers. MS really knows how to appeal to that crowd. No matter how fed up people may be with how many shooters are here this gen the genre still juices out AAA titles.

Considering the fact that the American market favors the 360 and the shooter genre, it's no surprise that MS's most successful games are shooters. I think that they even said they are working on another exclusive shooter after Halo. If the game is good, then sure, more power to them, but it'd be nice to see them put hard work in other genres.

ActionBastard2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Shhh, you'll upset people. Even though it is true.

Lord_Doggington2953d ago

seriously why do companies gotta hate on each other like this? sony has just been whine whine whine all year

evrfighter2953d ago

Sony beginning to nerd

Boody-Bandit2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Aaron Greenburg and Don Mattrick are here dark and they would like to have a word with you.

Game-ur2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

At least MS cater to their fan base and make sure it's happy and satisfied, Sony has a big core of JRPG fans that only get maybe one decent game an year.

So far the only games rating over 8 are Folklore, Valkuria Chronicles, FF13 and Demon Soles. And to understand the size of this fan base just look at the sales of DS and VC, they are almost at 1m despite having almost 0 advertizing.

Another interesting thing is that JRPG fans in the west outnumber the ones in Japan, the western sales of FF13 VC and DS are almost double the Japanese numbers, the thing is they only buy the good stuff.

Edit: also hate MS stringing JRPG fans with its early effort and then going cold turkey, remember a couple of years back they announced 4 or 5 exclusive JRPGs in one show. now it's only "securing" multiplatform games.

Joule2953d ago

All you guys act like Greenburg doesn't brag about just about everything, every damn week

rdgneoz32953d ago

@Game-ur Its spelled "Demon's Souls" not Demon Soles, and "Valkyria" not Valkuria. Also, White Knight did pretty good as well and had a nice online component to it.

Anton Chigurh2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

I can't Imagine playing a shooter with a p!nk c0ntr0ller

-Alpha2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

@Game ur

I do think that JRPGs are the one genre that I want to see more of for the PS3, as I find that the PS2's lineup was the gold standard and far ahead of the PS3 at this time in its cycle. Games like Dark Cloud, Final Fantasy X, Dragon Quest, and many others were at their peak.

This gen the best JRPGs are on the DS. But we do have that new game from Level-5. Wish Valkyria Chronicles 3 was coming for the PS3 though.

As for WKC, that game disappointed in scores, though I can't say anything myself as I didn't play it. JRPGs this gen have fallen short. FF13 was one of the lowest rated of its series and lacked much of what the genre is known for and games like White Knight Chronicles weren't Level 5's best

ActionBastard2953d ago

You'd prefer to point your finger? LOL!

raztad2953d ago


PSP has a very good line up of J-RPGS as well.


J-RPG genre is already passed its peak. Nobody should expect a return to the golden days, and much less a return of turn-based rpgs.

Japanese rpg devels prefer to make low budget games on portables, than AAA on consoles with not certainty of return. FF is one of the few big seller j-rpg franchises than defy the rule. But come on, we got Disgaea 4 with much nicer visuals and improved gameplay, WKC2 is looking much better than WKC1 and the new cellshaded game by Level 5, looks very promising. There is some stuff to look forward by RPG lovers on PS3.

But who said PS3 is all about RPGs? variety is the key word here. cant wait to try TLG. However we cant fool ourselves and no realize a huge chunk of PS3 fanbase is shooter addict and one of the best selling games on PS3 is COD.

Biggest2953d ago

"At least MS cater to their fan base and make sure it's happy and satisfied."

I think that is the best comment in this thread. It's nice to know that the 360 fan base has been waiting for Kinect all this time and are happy and satisfied with what Kinect is bringing. There will be plenty of it for the 360 fan base to enjoy in the coming years.

Game-ur2953d ago

Sorry, I was to full of rant to pay attention, TGS was a big downer for me I had high hopes for it, but it was full of disappointing news, the DMC tragedy, VC3 on the PSP (they already have the Canvas engine on the PS3), Sony showing off multiplatform games.

The handhelds are may source of JRPG fix right now, but don’t match the scale of an HD game. Almost every other genre is well covered on the PS3, a lot of AAA FPS, Action/Adventure, racing and casual games coming, only short on AAA JRPGs.

There are games like Persona5 (hopefully using Catharine's game engine), Ni Nu Kuni, FFF13 vs. and the Tales PS3 game that are all hopefully AAA class. But we don’t know the release dates. They may take anywhere from 1-5 years.

I'm sure they love it, because they rave about it all the time. /s

outrageous2953d ago

Sony is in no position to throw stones as they have lost billions and billions trying to be something there are not...a hardcore gaming system.

M$ owns hardcore gaming with the best on line, controller and OS in the business. Sony has been the " me too " console and the sales reflect that. MW2 for example sold 3+ million more on 360 than PS3. The same could be said for many multi-platform games that look, play and sell better on 360.

Sony left there demographic behind this gen and while the Asians refuse to accept M$ as an alternative, M$ is still millions ahead going into it's 6th year and the only system worth playing this holiday.

Where are Sony's big hitters from yesteryear??? Crashbandicoot has turned into UC with half the sales, GT had 10 games on PS2, Slycooper has turned into Infamous. Ratchet and Clank is there tho not the same with multi-player and co-op changing the gameplay significantly. GOW has sold ok but not moved much hardware and while on line is free, Sony's been releasing games like GOW and HR with no multi-player, co-op or even DLC...O_o...Mag, Confrontation and warhawk with no single player components to pull people in...Sony's a mess. There best looking game by far, KZ 2 sold 2.3 million on the wrong console. That game would rival Halo and Gears in terms of sales ( 5+ million ) if it was on 360.

Now what...Sony Move, new Tv3D with glasses...Sony doesn't get it and probably never's Nintendos motto this gen..." More fun for less money "...Well said Reggie.

M$ for there part have made huge strides in a very short time and they are not letting up. Windows 7 with XBL connectivity and gaming, PC gaming is making a return from M$ with Fable 3, Age Of Empires, M$ Flightsim and rumors of ALL M$ published games going to PC. Kinect is being supported in a big way, both by M$ as well as the dev community at large. They just launched a new and improved 360 S...M$ is killing it right now THIS year. They have said they have many games in the pipeline and are actively looking for a new FPS to call there own.

M$ spent and continue to spend a fortune on games like Lost Odyssey, Blue dragon, Alan Wake, Forza, Mass Effect, Too human, Viva Pinata, Kameo, Banjo-kazooie, PGR, Crackdown, Fable, it M$ fault those games have not sold as well as FPS's???

The market will dictate what they want...MW 2, Gears and Halo showed that loud and clear.

skrug2953d ago


"M$ owns hardcore gaming with the best on line, controller and OS in the business."

All of that are subjective. PS has more variety of hardcore games than MS.

best OS? are you talking about the OS on 360? if so why did they change it 2 times? from the blades to the NXE , and soon the kinect interface?

"Sony has been the " me too " console and the sales reflect that. MW2 for example sold 3+ million more on 360 than PS3. The same could be said for many multi-platform games that look, play and sell better on 360."

Micrsoft has been a "me too"; mii/home -> avatar, kinect, from no HDMI to HDMI , HD-DVD (blu-ray), from a console with no wifi to 360s having wifi etc ..

"Sony left there demographic behind this gen and while the Asians refuse to accept M$ as an alternative, M$ is still millions ahead going into it's 6th year and the only system worth playing this holiday."

ahead, not by much, with 1- 1.5 year head start.

"Where are Sony's big hitters from yesteryear??? Crashbandicoot has turned into UC with half the sales, GT had 10 games on PS2, Slycooper has turned into Infamous."

Crash Bandicoot was on the PSone, i think you mean Jak and Daxter.

"M$ for there part have made huge strides in a very short time and they are not letting up. Windows 7 with XBL connectivity and gaming, PC gaming is making a return from M$ with Fable 3, Age Of Empires, M$ Flightsim and rumors of ALL M$ published games going to PC. Kinect is being supported in a big way, both by M$ as well as the dev community at large. They just launched a new and improved 360 S...M$ is killing it right now THIS year. They have said they have many games in the pipeline and are actively looking for a new FPS to call there own."

so their turning their backs on the 360 now? since if the games are going to PC, what games would you get on the 360 that you would on PC?

Kinect.. weren't you saying somthing about hardcore?

JoySticksFTW2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

I'm glad you told the millions of PS3 gamers this before they went out and wasted their hard earned money pre-ordering those imaginary GT5 and LBP2 games

(That was sarcasm in case you couldn't tell)

But you must think those titles suck anyways, don't you

Mello out man and go play Reach. It's getting great reviews. Enjoy it.

kancerkid2953d ago

And what is everyone waiting for on the PS3?
Killzone 3

Give me a break. Shooters sell on both consoles

blue7xx72953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

No it's not true there is variety on the Xbox 360 just most games that are outside of the FPS genre don't sell well. But there is variety on the Xbox 360 just because games like Viva Pinata don't sell millions like Halo doesn't mean they don't exist.

The truth is that the Xbox 360 hardly has any FPS that are exclusive the only ones I can think of are Halo and Perfect Dark other than that they don't have any other FPS on their console that is exclusive. I don't understand why people say the Xbox 360 only has FPS when it barely has any. Anyone else care to name any other FPS exclusives besides the ones I mentioned. The truth is PS3 actually has way more FPS exclusives then the Xbox 360.

Biggest2953d ago

"And what is everyone waiting for on the PS3?"

Killzone 3. . . AND LBP2, inFamous 2, FFXIIIvs, Team Ico Collection, Last Guardian, Gran Turismo 5 to name a few. Oh snap! Only one of those are shooters.

skip2mylou2953d ago

[email protected] how many of those people are white? look at japan they are waiting for JRPGS but they have a good dose of everything, RTS, FPS, action, strategy. right now they re waiting for MvC3 and FFvs13, and arent playing the bullshit sales game

Smkt2953d ago

this is funny because the top selling games on the ps3 are mw2, gta4 and [email protected]

Axecution2953d ago

Did you guys even read the quote? All he said is "Sony has titles ranging from Killzone to EyePet". That's it.

Like, do you guys even read the article? or do you just bawww in a long-ass paragraph of nothingness for no reason other than to complain?

FA-SHO2953d ago

You my friend are toooo funny! I must be imagining GT5, The Sly Cooper Collection, and the ability to buy all the previous Crash Bandicoot games! Silly me!

ExplosionSauce2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

You think "hardcore" gaming equals shooters?
So Sony is a mess because Heavy Rain doesn't have multiplayer? And Warhawk(an online game) doesn't have single player? Really? Don't you have anything to play?

PS3 may have more FPS games like you said, but I don't believe Sony is reliant on them.

ExplosionSauce2953d ago

Both companies/consoles benefit highly from shooters.

Also this article was taken a little out of context. Sony was simply stating the diversity of games that they aim to have on PS3. Everyone else just jumped to conclusions.

RageAgainstTheMShine2953d ago

Hmn ... interesting Alpha but what does this fact tell about the millions of shooter gamers? Does this reflect the average American shooting gamer's mentality?

Is it their appetite for violence, killing, hurting, blood and gore?

This is no different than american wrestling and mixed martial arts.

I am glad I have a PS3.

GT 5 & LBP 2 in particular.

salinidus2953d ago

so giving its fanbase a purposely faulty system, an inferior format media(dvd) for gaming and forcing you to pay$70(now)for peer to peer online serivces will still not giving you a web browser is catering

if so eat up cause ms has more to come.

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iamnsuperman2953d ago

Well with the announcement of Microsoft looking for a new FPS exclusive its hard to deny

sinncross2953d ago

Well just the other day MS said that they were going to invest in FPS's now that Bungie has left Halo.

So, in reality it is true: MS are reliant on shooters to get their audience.
But yes, it works for MS, but their first party studios till lack the variety which both Nintendo and Sony offer.

Lord_Doggington2953d ago

i suppose it's also safe to say that nintendo relies heavily on platformers...

btk2953d ago

Mario, Zelda etc
Nintendo has the market for kids sewn up well this gen.

-Alpha2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Nintendo does platforming games like nothing other this generation though. You could say LBP but the game's platforming was relatively weak in comparison and that game was all about creating and party fun. It was billed as a platformer, but the platforming was nowhere near Super Mario.

Nintendo games are charming. For kids? No, I don't think so. I enjoy "kiddy" games so long as they aren't patronizing to "hardcore" or older gamers. It's the gameplay that appeals to me, regardless of age target. You can act as if you play mature games because you are a mature person, but age has nothing to do with fun or quality of a game. There is a certain magic with Nintendo's gameplay that I absolutely adore, and I have zero problem with the cutesy charm of its games.

In regards to shooters MS doesn't have exclusivity in offering the genre. Yes, Halo and Gears are great, but you also have so many other competing shooters on other platforms, and Call of Duty is a monster multiplat title. I think Halo raised standards and still is the most complete MP offering across the genre, but again, there are just as many other shooters. You can't say the same with platformers and Nintendo.

Nintendo is still quality when it comes to their exclusives, and I find after this year's E3 that they are finally listening to their core. SMG2 has a 97 on Metacritic, and everyone here loves to use MC when it's talking about the 360 or PS3, yet conveniently, SMG2 has been swept under the rug. I guarantee that if SMG2 was on the PS3 or 360 we wouldn't here the end of all its perfect scores and universal praise.

Also, I think Nintendo does have diversity in their games, more so than MS. I suppose if anything you can argue that they rely on old franchises.

MisterAV2953d ago

SMG2 is good but not so good. A least LBP tried something new and took some risk. I don't think I'm the only one that don't like very much Mario in every iteration... maybe the high ranking on metacritic is for the big name MARIO and its populatity... without mario it would be at 80-85 not 97...

N4g_null2953d ago

Ok based on investment what did Sony invest the most in on the ps3. What componet cost the most here is a hint it beat out hd DVD. Was Sony too reliant on features and tech many people don't currently care about?

Before you say nintendo doesn't take risk play paper Mario a 2d rpg on the wii then play smg which is all 3d. Then give new super Mario bros wii a try. Sony just made lbp and told every one else to make what they wanted lol. Great for arm chair game designers but really there are way better tools for free.

The biggest risk of all was motion control and it worked also. In a market dominated by fps sales. Sony has some soul searching to do. Gt5 should sell but what if it doesn't really sell systems?

ExplosionSauce2953d ago

A couple of Mario games are the only platformers I have played on Wii so far. I don't know where you come from saying Nintendo relies heavily on platformers. Where are your examples? You're simply assuming.

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bustamove2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

That's not taking a jab. Sony has a good point. Which games sell more than any other game on the 360? Halo and Gears of War.

Lol @ Lord_Doggington. Nintendo has a variety of games as well as Sony. That logic wouldn't apply here.

Arnon2953d ago

You realize the biggest selling title on the PS3 is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, right?

bustamove2953d ago

Wow, interesting logic there. I just named two shooters on the 360 and you mention Call of Duty. Call of Duty sells more on the 360 genius.

Arnon2952d ago

Yeah that has absolutely nothing to do with my comment.

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2953d ago Replies(4)
Sarcasm2953d ago

Honestly if it works for Microsoft, as a business decision I don't see why anyone wouldn't want to do the same. Halo Reach's sales is a big indication.

gamingdroid2953d ago

I bet Sony wish they had the shooter market!

FACTUAL evidence2953d ago

I love my 360, Netflix stream like waterfalls. I don't really buy games on it anymore because it really hasn't been any, besides, their best games are shooters. Example, look at halo.

niceguywii602953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Sony's top selling games are multi platform shooters lol
MSFT hinted at the Exclusive from Crytek so expect that game to be huge. The Irony of what Sony said just after Halo's success and just before Kinect launches is comical

wicko2953d ago

Oh NO! I better go return my PS3 then! /s

Ult iMate2953d ago

The best selling exclusive games on PS3 are MGS4 and GT5P. GeoW and Halo for X360. So as you can see, PS3 gamers prefers the variety of genres after all.

RayRay362953d ago

Ummmmm, Crytek isnt a first party studio. So Ill give it a year after its realease before it hits the PS3.

Justin_bristoe2953d ago

um i wouldnt call metal gear a shooter and thats one of ps best sellers.

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Brklynty12953d ago

Because development cost will rise even higher and i highly doubt devs are gonna fall for the check in face anymore. And they really need to invest i new IPs cuz their top games are in question now, Bungie left Halo behind, this may possibly be the last gears of war exclusive since the contract is up, they got fable but well hey, and then they got forza....yea forza. Thats why losing all "their former" titles hasnt really effected them, when you want something done, do it yourself and thats what exactly Sony and Nintendo are doing. Micrsoft relying on shooters helps them but cmon you guys rely wan Xbox to be "the place for shooters"? Basically with MS if a new IP doesnt do millions ont top of millions, they put it in the back of the fridge, while sony would put it in the microwave to warm it up again like they did with uncharted. but hey americans love shooting things so...i guess it works out for them.

BillOreilly2953d ago

thats one thing i hate about ms if a game doesnt do millions it doesnt get a sequal they dont understand building a franchise takes time i really want too human sequals lost odessey blue dragon and kameo sequals but they failed to be blockbusters such a shame

Schobeleth2953d ago

How he worded it, because it's not exactly a stab at Microsoft when it's the blatant truth. It's one of those things that everyone (including employees within the company) knows, but usually goes unsaid, like Nintendo's long running franchises that they continually rehash, it's more evident in this generation because of the massive amount of shovelware on the Wii as compared to their first party games (and what little third party exclusives there are).

It's a well known fact if you're a die-hard shooter fan and want to knuckle down with rabid, prepubescent, foul mouthed shooter fans you should get a 360 and pay for Xbox Live. Sure, there's a big shooter fanbase on the PS3 as well but it's a much different environment/experience. I've generally only had terrible experiences on XBL, while generally having good ones on the PSN, and I'm an good to above average shooter player/fan. I don't devote myself to shooters as I play a wide range of genres but I certainly enjoy them and I just can't stand the majority of the people who give XBL a bad name.

N4g_null2953d ago

Fps where mostly an adult thing much like sports only games. Please tell me how a grown man making 40-70k feels about god of war or the convoluted story of mgs. Adults males can afford to play fps and sports.

Maybe we have too many gamers who have just plan skipped playing any game type from the past. This blame lies on Sony also since they pushed out pr that limited their own games to only cool games that barely sell like industry leading games.

If only opinions could be echoed then the sales numbers would match the hype and welcomed variety. The truth is they a variety of nich titles just like the wii. We all know most game types are dieing out thanks to bickering pr and game media.

ExplosionSauce2953d ago

"Adult males can afford to play fps and sports"
Afford? All games cost the same.

MGS' story is complex. Maybe not someone as young and immature as you, but a capable adult can follow.
Shooters and sports = adult?... haha

pixelsword2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Microsoft may be reliant on shooters, but no other genre garners as much attention as when new shooters come out.

Which three games got the most media attention (or commercials aired on TV) for each platform?

Alan wake, Fable 2, or Halo: Reach?

Heavy Rain, Demon's Souls, or Killzone 2?

Paper Mario, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, or Metroid the other M?


Before it released, Too Human was just as long, if not an even longer wait than Duke Nukem: Forever, but a lot more people were transfixed on the Duke, even those who never played a single game of DN.

I know that I'm talking about the western media, but even in Japan ( if I'm not mistaken) you'll see helghast and Spartans walking around in game stores (the Halo type, not the Kratos type; well, also the Kratos type, but that's another post... ;D ).

wages of sin2953d ago

Sony talks shit. Promises the world yet doesn't deliver. Nintendo says hello as Sony pimps Marcus and Butler. Good luck with that.

DigitalRaptor2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

How has Sony not delivered? I'd like to know.

And please don't go on talking about cross-game chat and PSN.

Games console are for games and Sony has slammed us with truly awesome games since 2008, and it's only gotten better and better, year after year.

ChronoJoe2953d ago

How do you have 9 bubbles. I guarantee you at least 10 360 fans would have -bubbled you for that, and most of the PS fans that 'agreed' wouldn't have bothered to bubble up, yet your bubbles have increased since yesterday...

Anyway. Of course, you're right. 360 does even have great killer games outside of Racing games, but their is a reason that people are predicting GT5s sales against the FPS like Reach and MW2, rather than the title of Microsofts own (pretty compotent) racing series - Forza.

mac_sparrow2953d ago

Excellent post Alpha. Neatly summarises the situation and my own feelings.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

It only does Shooters and Halo?

knightdarkbox2953d ago

funny cause the best selling game in ps3 is moder warfare 2 ( 10 million of copies )... and heres the exclusives of ps3 best selling:

killzone 2 *halo killer*

uc2= bad sales for flag ship title.

In other words, SINGLE (ONE) PS3 exclusive "system sellers" don't really sell systems...

Games like MGS4, Demons Souls,Heavy Rain, God Of War 3,Uncharted 1+2, Killzone2, LittleBigPlanet don't sell the console,
That's why for the years the PS3 has outsold for 360 its main rival worldwide sales.

mostwanted6202953d ago

MGS4 sold nearly 5.5 millions copies what are u smoking.. MW2 is around the same numbers... this is what the article intends pretty much where would microsoft be without Halo and Gears... take 2 games away from sony and they still would have better games.. Hate fanboys... MS has a good system and Sony too.. very simple its always bout exclusives thats all..

Ginn2953d ago

Didn't PS3 sales jump 300% when MGS4 was released? I'm pretty sure other people can vouch for me.

Justin_bristoe2953d ago

uncharted as at about 4 and a half milli and believe it or not it wasnt a flagship title until naughty dog drop that second bomb on us.also while your playing your sales,i'll be playing more games than i can afford!...have fun with gears halo and a massive library of shovelware..via viva pinata

MrAwesome2953d ago

What Sony ment so say is that their exclusives have more variety than xbox's exclusives.
Xbox non shooters:
Codename: Kingdoms

PS3 non shooters
Demon's Souls
Modnation Racers
The Last Guardian
God of War
3D Dot Game Heroes

EVO-OM3GA2953d ago

Let me help you with that list

Too human
Mass effect
Blue dragon
Lost odyssey
Last reminant
Viva piñata

BYE2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Let me add:

Heavenly Sword
Valkyria Chronicles
Yakuza 3, 4 and Yakuza Zombie game
Heavy Rain
Siren Blood Curse
Wipeout HD / Fury