Kinect object scanning adds some color to Joy Ride

Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda has expressed an optimistic viewpoint on Kinect's rarely utilized ability to scan real-world objects and incorporate them into games. At a recent Tokyo Game Show demonstration of Kinect Joy Ride, he revealed a small example of how Microsoft-owned developer BigPark utilizes the motion-sensing camera's capture capabilities.

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iamnsuperman3044d ago

Still not the same as the skateboard thing.... But still nice to see it there considering the Move can do it too. They should advertise it more because then it will show that Move isn't the only one with that feature

Imperator3044d ago

Is this game on rails? I heard the only thing you can control is the direction and in certain cases get a boost in speed.

lashes2ashes3044d ago

you can turn and boost and thats it

kneon3044d ago

I wonder how they got around Sony's patent on this feature.

ActionBastard3044d ago

That's considered object scanning?

Imperator3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Yep, anyone who played Eyepet/ any game on the PSeye in the last few years has already used this so how exactly is this so new? I'm not referring to this particular article, but just in general. People seem to forget that the PSeye has been doing everything that Kinect does for last few years.

beardpapa3044d ago

sadly, only the core would know of something like that. the casuals will think of how magical it is.

doG_beLIEfs3044d ago

MS fans and the media seem to forget that the PSeye can and HAS done everything that the Kinect has shown us so far....and in many cases the Eye does it better. 60fps eye vs. 30fps kinect allows the eye to track at 2wice the speed of kinect.

It is really sad that the media is allowing MS to get away with this BS of "never been done b4".....its ridiculous.

PS...I just got Move yesterday and I am floored by what it CAN do now and the potential of it from seeing the tech demos.

Once you go Move you DISkinect and stop playing with your Wii.

tiamat53044d ago

That is true iamnsuperman. Beat Sketch can scan real objects into the game. Sony needs to tell everyone that they can do basically everything Kinect can.

Hyrius3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

And more ( = hardcore games ).

Christopher3044d ago

Beat Sketch does have some limitations to how it draws things in. The major difference here is that Microsoft is attempting to match the depth of an object in-game. So, it's not just a flat scan, but a rendering of the object in 3D from a single side as well.

Both have issues with identifying what to scan in general, let alone doing it well enough for it to be worthwhile.

WharenPeace3044d ago

Kinect it only does rails!

Christopher3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

So, the exact same thing you can do with Move, minus the on screen painting/drawing with a wand?

C'mon Microsoft, you've only got two more months until release. If you can't do it by then, be honest with us. I mean, honestly, it's something that's going to be extremely hard to do since you're attempting to tell the camera to scan only one object in an environment possibly filled with them at different depth levels. And, even then, you're capturing the image with a low-res camera, so it's likely not going to look that great even when scanned in.

BrianC62343044d ago

Sony had this ability back on the PS2 with the Eye Toy even. He seems to be making a lot over nothing.

tudors3044d ago

In theory all they would have to do is use a stencil to scan objects in, once in game you select scan skateboard and the stencil looks for the closest match, i know it is not that simple but it is only software.

PLAYER50953044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )


Moonboots3044d ago

As someone has said above. This isn't just doing a 2D stencil scan of the object, it is attempting to match depth as well.

How about just waiting to see and not condemning it at the first attempt from a developer.

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