Lots and Lots of PlayStation TGS Movies

Andriasang: Want to witness Sony's Tokyo Game Show press briefing basically in full? Then turn to the newly opened booth movie section at Sony's Tokyo Game Show portal.

From top to bottom:

* Press Briefing Opening
* PlayStation Move
* PlayStation Move Title Lineup
* 3D Game Videos
* 3D World Expands on PlayStation 3
* Capcom Hardware Introduction
* Level-5
* Konami
* Sega
* Sony Computer Entertainment
* Namco Bandai
* Tecmo Koei
* Press Briefing Ending
* PlayStation Move Demonstration Opening
* Beat Sketch! Demo
* Big 3 Gun Shooting Demo
* Nikudan Demo
* PlayStation Move Demonstration Ending

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rdgneoz32956d ago

Yakuza of the End looks like it should be fun. Give it Move support and it would be sweet (no clue if that was mentioned in any articles).

p.s. Nice eye candy for its presentation.

ndibu2956d ago

Someone playing MGS 4?

SpitFireAce852956d ago

I spoke Japanese but some great videos...:)

2956d ago
2956d ago
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