Study: Racing Video Games Really Do Make You A Better Driver

Not only are video games good for your brain, playing action video games improves your ability to make the right decision, and to do so faster, according to a new study at the University of Rochester. Take that, Jack Thompson (and legions of "they'll rot your brain" parents).

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FishCake9T42978d ago

Damn right they do. 4th out of 18 on a wet track go-karting. Thank you Gran Turismo.

MGRogue20172978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Too right.. From playing Counterstrike Source for 2-3 years & Modern Warfare 2 for the same, I feel alot more skilled with eye hand coordination.

I am so fast at aim+shoot with pin-point accuracy, it's amazing.. But then again, I've been playing since I was born, mostly Mario Kart 64 & Goldeneye on the N64.. I always beat my sister & brother.. as well as my friend when he always came over to my house to visit& play some multiplayer .. :P

Rrobba2978d ago

I wonder if it really is true.