TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Information Blowout

Tekken fans have been asking for another Tekken Tag Tournament since the first installment for the PS2 was released a decade ago. What can we expect from the long awaited sequel?

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stonecold32954d ago

a ps3 exclusive where it belongs look what happened to tekken 6 it was gimped and the arcade board runs on ps3

goosepoose2954d ago

it was so gimped. did u like that scenario campaign nonsense? you can say yes i wont judge you.

I wish this remainded a ps3 exclusive. sigh. sigh. imagine how awesome this game would of looked. because now they create same dumb engine that supposedly pushes the limits of the console.

no namco it doesnt. its your graphic engine that is so very limited

goosepoose2954d ago

to the people disagreeing with me. do u honestly think tekken 6 would of looked the same if it was an exclusive???????no. therefore it wasnt the limitations of the ps3 or 360. it was an engine that was made for 2, not for one.

Natsu X FairyTail2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Tekken games been the same for years. Same thing for SmacDownVsRaw and a whole other bunch of fighting Games Stop blaiming the Xbox360 because the games you like Arent getting any better because The Dev dont know what to do with the series.

as if the game was going to be Extraordinary because it was PS3 exclusive. You think the tendacies in Devs giving the same old crap Games Year after year Knowing Fools will buy it is going to change because the game is exclusive or not?

I dont expect none of you lames to agree aswell.

SoapShoes2953d ago

Why is it that T5 Dark Resurrection was better than T6 then?

Spydr072953d ago

Why is it that Tekken 3 is considered better than 5?

Ri0tSquad2953d ago

T5DR is 1080p, 60fps, looks really crisp on an HDTV and is a 2006-2007 $20 game. T6 looks like shit in comparison. Motion blur and sub-hd resolution doesn't mix well, and even when your turn it off and mess with the display settings, it still looks worse.

Spydr072953d ago

You're seriously saying T5; DR looks better than 6? Really? I don't think so. Need your eyes checked. DR's online was more laggy, it was basically a polished port of a PSP game. It's not even 3 GB in size...

Theonik2953d ago

And yet Tekken 6 recycled most of its assets from DR. Hence why it didn't look so good. DR looked great for its time. That has nothing to do with the platform either. It's just Namco's fault, Tekken 6 was designed for the PS3 anyway so it definitely wasn't that. (The arcade versions run on Namco's System 357 that PS3 based.)
Consoles got ports of that. (PS3 did end up with more effects btw and to the people complaining about motion blur you could turn it off and get more AA to boot)

Spydr072953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Exactly, for its time it looked great. But that doesn't mean it looks better now than what 6 does. It doesn't, sorry. Which is my point. Don't get me wrong, I loved DR for what it was, but graphically, T6 has more to it. I'm not getting into the stupid bound system. For me, T6 > T5: DR for two reasons: Mishimas finally got nerfed and knocked off their pedestal and Nina has never been more fun to play. Oh, make that three reasons with the general connectivity of the online being better in T6 (after the patch).

But graphically, T6 has more character and background detail, more vibrant colors, better effects, etc. There are no stages in DR that look as good as the stage with the layer of fog on the ground or the one in the moonlight with the, um, white flower thingies everywhere.

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PS3-2472953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Agree. Should be exclusive to PS3 but it won't happen. A friend of mine have Tekken 6 for 360 and he say not many people play it online. He come over my house sometimes to play me and online on my PS3.

Edit: @Natsu X FairyTail
Yeah you right I disagree with you. I think it could be better if exclusive becuz of blu ray. More content can be added giving it a better value. Look at GT5 for example.

oricon2953d ago

I dont think these game will benefit from Blu-ray as these games are built for the arcades and thats where they get most of the money from in Japan.

FishCake9T42954d ago

Please let there be dynamic interactions between all the characters.

albel_nox2954d ago

The best announcement from the Tokyo Game Show. Hopefully this won't take too long to come to consoles but I have Mortal Kombat coming out to make the wait easier.

TrevorPhillips2953d ago

I hope they still have the bowling mode :)

PS3-2472953d ago

LOL I remember that mode. It was fun.

Jacobster2953d ago

I loved bowling! "CHICKEN"!! haha. Jack was the cheat character to win all bowling :P

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