Start the Party Review -- PlayStation Univesity

This game is best played with a group. Actually, it’s best played with a group of kids. If you are a parent with kids between the ages of four and 12, this may provide the perfect Saturday evening family-time entertainment.

However, if you are looking for a party game in the realm of Rock Band or Buzz Quiz World, you’re going to find that Start the Party will only do one thing well: make your guests question your videogame taste, and empty your shindig after a few rounds of this repetitive endeavour.

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ArchangelMike2955d ago

The game should be reviewed from a kids perspective i.e 4 - 12 year olds as the writer states. Adult will have bag loads of fun when playig with kids (even if for only about 15mins befor ethe whole thing wears thin). But the kids will keep coing back for more. I find the best way to get the kids entertained for longer, is to alternate between, Start the Party and Eyepet, and Sports Champions (although the Gladiator Duel does bring out the 'competitive spirit' in my kids lol)!

redsquad2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

With you 100% - Taken in context, this game is a whole load of fun and achieves what it sets out to do with vigour. The precision of the Move makes swatting bugs (for example) way more fun than you'd think - No simple waving of the arms, you have to be careful with your aim because the Move is so pixel perfect in it's accuracy.

Of course START THE PARTY is no masterpiece, but a "5" seems to be mising the point.

Chapulin2955d ago

My kids love the demo. Gonna have to get the game for Christmas :p

RageAgainstTheMShine2955d ago

should be reviewed by kids not by overgrown adults