3D - Is it really worth it?

Much like motion gaming, the ability to play games in 3D is a gimmick against the norm of traditional gaming. Motion gaming has certainly shown it can be succesful and popular both at the same time, courtesy of Nintendo’s huge sales of the Wii. So popular, in fact, that both Sony and Microsoft are intent on cutting in on a piece of the action with Move and Kinect respectively.

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LoaMcLoa2957d ago

It's a freakin' gimmick! Although 3DS looks awesome

deadreckoning6662957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

-It's expensive

-Need to wear glasses

-The harmful affects of watching images in 3D for prolonged instances have not been fully brought to light.

-As of now, ONLY sports related channels are in 3D

In the end, the value of a 3DTV depends on how hardcore of a gamer your are. I'm not that hardcore, so its not worth it for me yet. The 3DS on the other hand is amazing. Its lineup of 3D games takes a complete shit on PS3's 3D lineup(even though Motorstorm Apocalypse proly looks ASTOUNDING in 3D).

As far as price/value, the 3DS is pretty much the best choice for 3D gaming.

r1sh122957d ago

3D isnt worth it.
Why would I want to wear glasses when my eyesight is pretty much perfect.
Its not worth it and wont be for a few years or until the find a way to use 3dtv without glasses.
Hey i have friends coming around to watch some sports Oh noooo I only got 4 pairs of glasses and 8 people have come around.
Its a waste right now

Reibooi2957d ago

Until 3D is more like a Hologram as opposed to the 3D we have today I have to say no it's not worth it.

Sure there are some movies that are pretty cool with it but as far as games go it's nothing but a gimmick.

outwar60102957d ago

i dont think hologram tech will work as clarity and colour tech aint that great

Sev2957d ago

How are games in 3D a gimmick? Please explain.

I played Tumble last night for 3 hours in 3D. The game is twice as enjoyable in 3D and makes the PlayStation Move that much more impressive. It really feels like you are reaching into the screen. The immersion is there.

It's not about 3D "pop" out effects, it's about changing the way a game plays. In Tubmle it's not always easy to tell where you are placing your block. In 3D, you have a much better idea of the positioning thanks to improved depth.

In racing games, 3D is a godsend. It let's you judge turns and distance so much better than normal.

How the hell is that a gimmick?

Also, the glasses aren't a big deal.

It pisses me off so much that people bash stuff because they just can't afford it. Keep telling yourself that it's a gimmick so you don't feel as jealous that you don't have the latest tech.

The fact is, it's not a gimmick and it's here to stay, otherwise all of the TV manufacturers out there wouldn't be pushing it so hard.

3D is the future, but it's here today. They just need more content, both in 3D Blu-Ray format, games, and on broadcast TV.

outwar60102956d ago

@Sev1512 hmmm I honestly don't think it is, I mean any 3d game etc(3d movies should have a 15 minute interval every hour in my opinion) comes with health warnings restricting the amount of time you should play to 2 hours a day. i played need for speed at a friends house in his maxed out 3d pc set up (that he spent ridiculous amounts on). After an hour of game time I had a migraine; that's substantial.

Sev2957d ago

How many of you guys saying it isn't worth it actually have a 3DTV.


Until you own a 3DTV and really spend some good quality time at home with it, you cannot say it's not worth it.

I have one, and it was worth every penny.

If you can't afford it, don't bitch and moan saying it isn't worth it. Be honest and say you cannot afford it.

The very same thing happened when Blu-Ray launched. Everyone said it wasn't worth it, the truth was, it was too new to really make a decision and most people couldn't afford it.

I am so sick and tired of people saying it's a gimmick. You mean like the Wii being a gimmick? We all know how that turned out.

Why doesn't everyone wait until next year when prices come down and more 3D content is available.

If the available content out now doesn't do it for you, wait. If you're like me and enjoy being an early adopter, get it now. It's worth it.

outwar60102956d ago

Many people research products and new tech before they buy; that's what makes a consumer an intelligent one. and the Nintendo wii as a motion console worked but everything else such as the extra convergence you get and expect in this day and age was not there,(i know dozens of friends and family who played it relentlessly for the first three months but have let the dust gather soon after)

xXSilentXx2956d ago

not for gaming with a glass on you're face.

YoungKingDoran2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

come over to my place guys and you will see how crystal clear and awesome it is. i wasnt sold on it either, i just needed to buy a new tv, and figured id spend the extra grand, and now i can see its the next step, glasses or no.
oh yes, hats will be eaten

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Darkfiber2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Not by a long shot. $4000 to get a blinding headache? I can cross my eyes and smash myself on the head with a frying pan for free and get the same effect, thanks.

Sev2957d ago

It only gives some people a headache, and that effect diminishes with normal usage.

After a month of owning a 3DTV, I don't get a headache at all anymore, even with long sessions.

You sure it's not jealousy that's giving you a headache?

danmachine2957d ago

after seeing both the AVATAR and Toy story 3 films in 3D, i was astonished at 3D.

can't wait to get a 3ds and watch me some 3d movies/games at home.

tknation2957d ago

My eyes are somewhat peculiar and I'm also partially colourblind, so I might be biased. But I really, /really/ do think 3D is overhyped. There are things like Augmented Reality out there. Money should be going there, damnit.


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