GTR Reviews Bioshock

For the past few days ever since 2K Games surprised with the Bioshock demo. Everyone been talking about this masterpiece. Magazines & gaming sites are giving this game no lower then a 9.5 and even getting perfect reviews.

Could this be one of the best game GamertagRadio ever played?

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TheMART4168d ago

Nice another video with new footage!

BTW I added this story, got approved but it had a problem getting on the main page or so, so I'll put a link here new unseen Bioshock footage!

Whats cool is the guy saying what we all know already. Not much is going to touch this GOTY. Mass Effect might, but others? Nope, they ain't there...

There you go. Both games on the 360!

Foliage4168d ago

Mass Effect doesn't come close to this game. I still don't get the extreme hype around Mass Effect from select few individuals, it just doesn't fit what the game has to offer.

FadeToBlack4168d ago

I really enjoyed listening to it, makes me want this game even more.

IQUITN4G4168d ago

Glad i'm not the only one that thinks the save system is flawed , especially for a game like this.Banged on about this on the other threads so i'm glad someone else noticed it.Nothing is perfect i guess.

razer4168d ago

Are too fantastic sites and I always respect what they have to say because they don't tow the company line. I've heard them bash what I thought were great 360 games so I respect what they say.

@#3 - I agree with that save comment, I think it could of been done either way. Whenever you kill someone there bodies don't disappear(which I love) and it keeps things consistant that way.. But yes you could beat a Big Daddy with a wrench if you wanted too but would take you forever.

ALIEN4168d ago

i might check this game out.

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