PlayStation Move Could Snowball From Here, Sony Need To Capitalise

PushSquare: "The PlayStation Move launch went better than I imagined. Word of mouth is extremely positive within the hardcore circles. Conceptually the device bares resemblance to the Wii; but there's a sense that this is what many of us were originally expecting from Nintendo's foray into motion controls. It's the hardcore gamers that Sony have been targeting over the past few weeks. Marketing has been light in the mainstream media, with Sony clearly hoping the savvy gamers will push the device into the mainstream. And it already appears to be - forum users are raving about how their daughters, wives and girlfriends can't stop playing EyePet and Start The Party. And that's the exact effect that made the Wii such a hit. But, now the Move is on everyone's lips, Sony need to capitalise."

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iamnsuperman2978d ago

"Because the type of people that were already sold on Move, are the type of people that read PushSquare" totally agree. Sony have a rare opportunity here. To the casual market all they need to do it sell the games to the consumer not the controller. Most of these readers have families.

jellybalboa2978d ago

well we all know sonys marketing team are a little lazy!

sinncross2978d ago

It seems like the PS Move may get a decent start, and yes its something Sony should capitalise on.
The fact that so many games will support the Move is good, but Sony needs to make sure that they still get those Move exclusive games to make the investment of buying the controller worthwhile.

himdeel2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago ) the PINNACLE OF LAZYNESS, they took a vacation in 1998 snagged the keys to the company car, credit card, and haven't been seen since.

n4gno2978d ago

Some people use millions $$$ to sell crap, other use money to make superior products..

i choose the second one, even when they sell less.

Zir02978d ago

I agree they need to step up their game now, because once MS starts their Kinect campaign any hope of Move wowing the casuals will be gone.

jneul2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

rofl most people already have hands on with kinect are already walking away, only extreme fans will buy kinect

Zir02978d ago

Really? From reading multiple gaming forums I'm finding that the people who have tried it are getting it Day 1 and they have seen a lot of people who also played it leaving with smiles on their faces.

A Cupcake for Gabe2978d ago

dude no one but the few yokels on this site are hyped for kinect. kinect is based on a camera system that doesnt really work. Sony dumped it and MS rolled with it. Look at the games, the technology, the price. The $300 Kinect bundle comes with no HDD, so MS is conning families into buying another 150 dollar HDD and LIVE accounts for everyone in the house. thats like 500-600 right there, minus controllers or anything else. but hey if you want to buy it, buy it.

but seriously: look at Dr. Marks and then look Lady Gaga Glasses wearing Kudo, and tell me who knows what works and is the leading creative mind behind the technology,....and who is a retard who wants to you give your avatar a seizure to see under his shoe.

lowcarb2978d ago

From what I can see the Move seems to be a hardcore second controller. It's going to be interesting to see if it's on the lips of anybody when Kinect launches.

bustamove2978d ago

Uh....yeah. All Kinect has shown is lag and no hardcore games.That's it. Btw, what does this have to do with Kinect?

lowcarb2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Oh quit whining!

"Btw, what does this have to do with Kinect?"

Learn to read and then you will know what this has to do with kinect.

"Sony can beat Microsoft to the push. I genuinely believe Move could be a fairly well established platform before the Kinect arrives."

I think we have every right to bring up Kinect. Don't think Move is going to get a free pass and people are not going to compare the two.

Imperator2978d ago

Lowcarb, could you tell me why you're so interested in Kinect? It is a FACT, that all MS has shown are casual, on-rails, laggy games. What makes you so excited about that? I have a Wii and it is great fun (Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Okami etc). I got PS Move and it's just amazing (the precision is incredible). But Kinect, well, I just don't see why you defend it so much. MS has shown nothing of interest unless you're an uniformed casual buyer,

bustamove2978d ago

Who was whining? I wasn't whining. It just always seem that you're hellbent on bashing everything Sony wise, that's all.

lowcarb2978d ago

Imperator: One word-potential! The games shown have been laggy but who's to say what the experience will be in your house or in the future. Things improve so deal with it. I'm much more excited about the potential of kinect and if it doesn't live up to anything in time then oh well. Your bashing it like you own one or it's not normal to get excited over something that interests you.

"Who was whining? I wasn't whining. It just always seem that you're hellbent on bashing everything Sony wise, that's all."

I'm not hellbent on bashing Sony but will speak my mind rather then just giving them a free pass because fanboys want to hype Move or whatever. Many times I've complemented Sony unlike the bozo brats on here talking down 360 spreading fud. Why should it bother you if someone has a different opinion? I'm sorry but not everybody has to agree with the normal N4G mentality.

Imperator2978d ago

@lowcarb, fair answer I suppose. The games MS showed at TGS were pretty interesting and they may just turn out to be great. As of right now, Kinect is not worth the $150 price tag, but what you say is true, it may be worth it in the future. Still, I really do hope MS fixes all the issues.

bustamove2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

360 fanboys do the exact same thing with the Move and the PS3, like you're doing right now. There's nothing wrong with speaking your mind by I don't understand why you're implying that Move will be forgotten once Kinect launches. You're placing too much faith in Kinect, me thinks. I haven't seen anything that would make someone go out and get Kinect.

For the Move, on the other hand, I can see what would make someone go out and buy one.

But whatever.

lowcarb2978d ago

"You're placing too much faith in Kinect, me thinks'

Maybe so but I'm still very skeptic believe it or not. Also I wasn't implying it would be forgotten though I do see where I come across as sounding that way.

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Bigpappy2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

It is as if they believe in 3 wishes. They keep saying no one is interested in Kinect, then you go to any leading web site and you see the thing is sell very well and has been from the time it was available for pre-oder. Do they realize that Kinect has never been out of Amazon or Gamestop's top 100 best seller gaming list.

Just keep your heads in the sand fanboys. That lion can't see you if you can't see him.

btk2978d ago

Yeah right
Hundreds of thousands of Move players out there and you think the word of mouth is going to have no effect on Kinect sales? MS can campaign as much as they like. To "win" they had to release first - at least three months ahead of Move. Move is out now - and the news will spread like wildfire. By the time Kinect launches people will already expect Move type accuracy - and Kinect is in the EyeToy class - and overpriced.

beardpapa2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

err... maybe the fact is Sony is targeting the core with motion control? You have to be a very ignorant company to tackle the casuals at this point of the gen with a motion controller when they already have the wii and its massive amount of games catered towards them.

dirtydbz2978d ago

this makes so much sense 400 is still on the high side for the casual gamer I just pray that it moves some units it's fun but you won't see dev suport if they they don't sell a lot of controllers. I see some excitment and some wait and see attitudes yes the games are not top notch and are priced acordingly so far I have had a blast with it ( getting all sweaty playing volleyball on sports champions) but the possibilitys with this are endless but devlopers won't doanything with them if people don't buy the device

GameTavern2978d ago

@Cupcake for Gabe
I could be mistaken, but doesn't the Kinect bundle come with the 4 gig Xbox? So it has a HD.

And really only need one Live account, if you want to go extreme, the have the family bundle, which would still only bring the price to 400 bucks. Same as getting a Move Bundle.

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v1c1ous2978d ago

will it be a slow burn candle like sony expects it to be, or a high burn then fizzle out ordeal like the eyetoy...

bustamove2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Will Kinect fizzle out the same way? People underestimated the PS3 and it's still here. So don't underestimate Move.

A Cupcake for Gabe2978d ago

The Eye Toy was a success, enyone remember the VisionCam, the HD-DVD, or even the original XBOX?

DOMination2978d ago

It will be interesting to see if Move will last as long as APB

raztad2978d ago

MOVE will last based on two things:

1) It works very well, better than many anticipated (users feedback is very positive)

2) Its library appeals to a broader public.

MaximusPrime2978d ago

you're butt-hurt, Domination.

Yomiro2978d ago

Well I think they already have deal with Coke to promote the move.

Sheikh Yerbouti2978d ago

The one game I thought was the lamest I just bought - Tumble.

I played the demo for an hour last night, and had to make myself go to bed. I was delighted to see it was available for $10.

I want more Move games like now. I am more taken by the controller than I thought I would be.

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