Five Reasons Why There Won't Be a Gears of War Demo Before Emergence Day

Last week, Microsoft Game Studios and Epic Games finally revealed the date of the much-anticipated Emergence Day. Along with the announcement of the release date for Gears of War, the publisher and the developer also revealed two interested facts. First, and to the surprise of many, it was announced that Gears of War will sell for the same price of third party titles, even if it is a game published by Microsoft Game Studios. This confirmation alone generated quite a hot discussion.

Second, Mark Rein confirmed that there won't be a Gears of War demo, at least not before Emergence Day. That also generated a lot of hot reactions, and, while some users understood Epic's decision for not making a pre-release demo, others could not accept such bad news.

If for this reason that TeamXbox decided to put together the reasons for which there won't be a pre-release demo of Gears of War (these might also apply for future hot games like Halo 3). Here's the whole truth and nothing but the truth:

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TheMART5392d ago

Well all true, but everybody already thought of those I guess, or didn't anyone?

Gamer135392d ago

We all now this is a must buy for all 360 owners.


assjacket5392d ago

I agree that if you own a 360 or plan on buying one near christmas, you have already made the decision that this is your kind of game. Personally I would have preferred that they release the game a month earlier than give us a demo.
Anyone that may be on the fence about this one will make their decision once the game comes out and word of mouth gets around.

mikeeno75392d ago

I hope Gears of War isn't as difficult as GRAW. GRAW was still a masterful game though.

th3 itch 5391d ago

it doesnt matter, just wait for the game thats all, and it will be great, no doubt about it, I CANT WAIT!!!! its gonna be awsome.