Bit-Tech Review - Halo: Reach

Bit-Tech: It’s not that Reach is a bad game – it really isn’t. On the other hand though, Reach isn’t especially good either. The supporting AI is prone to glitching out and, as the Xbox 360 is starting to get on a bit, we can’t help but pine for a higher fidelity of combat.

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Echo3072952d ago

Whilst I disagree with the majority of what I read from this review, you at least were making valid points as to why you didn't like it... until the part where you said it was tedious. You lost me there.

What's funny is that pretty much every Halo up until now became tedious at some point or another, but not Reach, at least not for me.

One second your gunning down your enemies on foot, the next you're gunning in a Warthog as your AI drives. Then you find yourself jetpacking across buildings or piloting a hornet from skyscraper to skyscraper. Then you find yourself in a space battle piloting a gunship, then your driving a scorpion tank blasting enemies as you go. Tedious is the absolute last word I would've used to describe it. Every mission felt very different for me.

Can't say I relate with the reviewer on this, but I am willing to accept his/her opinion... so long as he/she is willing to accept that they're in the tiny minority about their overall opinion.

Rowland2951d ago

depends if you're a teenager, casual or adult gamer. Bit-Tech caters to adults/serious gamers - that's why their reviews are in-depth, unbiased and objective unlike the vast majority of sites who pander to the masses and fear offending developers in case they're excluded from the next big release.

ElementX2952d ago

Reach is much better than Halo 2 and 3. I don't see any justification for a 7/10 score.