Amazon partially reveals the U.S. Playstation Store update for September 21st

Amazon has partially revealed the paid content that will be available once the U.S. Playstation Store updates again on September 21st.

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Mr Patriot2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

I really liked the last couple of updates, lots of demos..... but Im still waiting for GOW3 and MGS4 dynamic themes :(

moparful992951d ago

Gow3 dynamic theme can only be aquired by pre ordering god of war ghost of sparta at this moment.. Im sure sony will put it on the store eventually but for now thats the only way.. Good thing I have a ghost of sparta psp bundle on preorder... November is going to be a very good month..

FENDR2951d ago

im getting real sick and tired of street fighter and mega man avatars

FACTUAL evidence2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

Me too, but at least capcom are the only ones making avi's for PSN at the moment. Other devs just don't GAF. I really want some bioshock, MGS, final Fantasy, and infamous Avi's.

bostoner2950d ago

@ Moparful99
they said that all the preorder bonuses will be available if you download the game from the PSN in the first week it's up. This was mainly done not to alienate PSP GO people from a chance at the downloads.

Rainstorm812950d ago

i hope it isnt that same dynamic theme from the 7-11 promo......that one wasnt very good.

They need to simply make a dynamic theme that is similar to the GOW3 menu.....or do something original like naughty dog's U2 theme.

Come on Sony give me a Thunder storm theme thats all i want .......

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DNAbro2951d ago

Yes sonic adventure. Im definately buying it.

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