PlayStation Move – A guide to launch games

M2G Writes:

PlayStation Move launched yesterday in the UK and through our internet travels we’ve noticed not everyone knows the downloadable titles which have been updated to work with the motion device.

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jordypordy2955d ago

About some of those games.

Ravage272955d ago

when is Heavy Rain going to be updated?

Octo12955d ago

I think it's already been patched.

vicheous2955d ago

Patch is coming on 22nd this month!

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Octo12955d ago

Re:Future comment posters. This dude is a major troll and has some unhealthy hate towards Sony for some reason. He loves Nintendo but will for some reason bring up Xbox as well. He claims to have bought the Move and was so laggy for him that after just buying it he is looking to sell it or has already sold it. Just keep reporting him and vote his bubble down. toddnepeon0. Seriously, Nintendo is a company. It can't love you back.

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SweetIvy2955d ago

Well, my arm hurts after playing too much Sports Champions, I'll try to use the left hand today :).

I agree, I'd love the option for Sport Champions to allow online play!!

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The story is too old to be commented.