Red Dead Redemption: Liars and Cheats Horse Racing Details…With Guns

When Red Dead Redemption released this past summer to critical success many felt something was missing. Not something simple, but a mode sorely missed that many assumed to be a given – horse racing. RDR’s Liars and Cheats DLC will fix this and include guns!

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CrzyFooL2952d ago

YEE HAW!! This really should have been in the original.

bfenty2952d ago

There are a lot of omissions from the original. Still amazing though.

tknation2952d ago

Upon first reading, I wasn't particularly impressed. In spite of being an absolute girl at times, horse racing isn't that big a thing for me. But then, on closer reading, I see it's /deathmatch/ horse racing. This I approve of. In fact, add a weapon to just about anything and it's likely I'd be a much happier cat.

Drjft2952d ago

Can you pimp your horse with rims and shiz?

Matronedea2952d ago

I LOVE HORSES! I ran around with my horse in Assassin's Creed 2... and my chocobo in every FF... and Epona...

Mr Patriot2952d ago

was a great game (except the online) but so far all the DLCs are very disappointing..

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