Rumor: GameStop Lists November 22 Release for 3DS in USA

Coming off the supposed November 20 release for the 3DS Japan, and also some information on a PAL release, we have another rumor, and this time it's supposed to come from GameStop.

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ConanOBrien2954d ago

is trying to steal Kinect or GT5's thunder ?

Invader_Quirk2954d ago

I think they're all just trying to have something out for Christmas.

a08andan2954d ago

If they were to release it in November it is surely gonna take a big piece out of Kinect and Playstation Moves cake when it comes to holiday sales. Move has the advantage here though since it has already been released.

njguy22954d ago

It is likely the real date, as Nintendo will need to sell millions of 3DS in the fiscal year to meet its portable hw forecast of 30m (3DS + DS) given that DS is trending toward 24m or so..

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eagle212954d ago

Huge rumor...but sometimes rumors come true. :)

TheGameLlama2954d ago

Better than Thanksgiving turkey!

LarsoVanguard2954d ago

I'd prefer to slather the turkey all over the screen of my 3ds, indulging in food lust as well as video game enjoyment.

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The story is too old to be commented.