Kratos: God of Move

Just in time for the official U.S. launch of the Playstation Move, and to adorn your PS3 dash, is this wonderful bit of original art whipped up in three hours by house artist Sam Spratt.

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movements2952d ago

Move is bigger than I thought. People are going wild for this thing.

SexyPrawns2952d ago


I think Sony's doing this on purpose. Why spend millions of dollars marketing something that markets itself? They will market it heavily soon...but waiting for hype to build is a good strategy.

RememberThe3572952d ago

Kotaku seems to like Move,at least technically, and Move seems to be getting a positive response from everywhere. I haven't seem a poor review of it yet.

On a side note, did you see that sick ass Halo Reach wallpaper that was made by the same artist? It looks amazing!

tiamat52952d ago

'With these controllers of Fire and Ice I will smite the competition! The Gods of gaming will fall and only my creators shall remain. I will storm their fortresses and tear them asunder. Sooooonnnnnyyyyyyy!!!!(Latin singing, dramatic music)

moparful992952d ago

*Tongue hanging out making homer simpson gargling noise*

Fatal Blow2952d ago

Am going in a few hours time to collect my ps3 320gb console and move starter pack for £239.99 that's a bargain i have been waiting for since my launch ps3 60gb died

mac_sparrow2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Yeah, Sainsbury's with the loss leaders again. Good news for you.

saoco2952d ago

well gentlemen i got 2 move thingies and all i can say is...BOOM!!! the gladiator game is sick with 2 wands. not so much with one. i can see the potential but like always is up to the developers to make games that show off it's capabilities.

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The story is too old to be commented.