Gameinformer: Child Of Eden Dev Considering Move Support, Focusing On Kinect

Back at E3, Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s latest project, Child of Eden, was shown for the first time and quickly became a game to watch for on Kinect. However, even though the game is also due out on PS3, Move support was notably absent. We caught up with Q Entertainment’s product manager Lindsay Gray at TGS who explains Child of Eden’s current lack of Move compatibility.

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DigitalRaptor3044d ago

I wonder if Mizuguchi could consider the PlayStation Eye. It would be interesting to see his thoughts on that and would show the diffference between the capabilities of Kinect vs. the Eye.

But I would take MOVE support. CoE looks beautiful.

Godmars2903044d ago

The thing is, considering just the PSeye's performance alone, he should be able to make the game work with just that.

barom3043d ago

He should and honestly with the precision and almost lag-free controller that Move provides, it would probably make for a better game too.

Gitaroo3044d ago

ya, theres some tech demo on youtube that shows the PSeye can track hands, so I want to see that too.

strickers3043d ago

Why?Hand tracking will not work as well as Move.If they make it with Move that will be the better version rather than some fuzzy,wave your hands around with no feedback version.Do a twin Moves version.

Godmars2903043d ago

Thing is Kung Fu Live is more than suggesting that the PSeye's tracking is pretty decent. Might even be better than Kinect's.

Heck, they've already done things like scan real world items and make them into game icons and such.

3043d ago
Sheikh Yerbouti3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

I don't necessarily agree, but I think that some are saying that PSEye can do 2D tracking better than Kinect can do 3D.

In situations where the difference between the two are negligible, it is superior. The games determine this, not the technology alone. Kinect technology is fricking awesome, but the games have to show if it is more practical than Move/PSEye.

Godmars2903043d ago

Except there's nothing about Child of Eden to suggest that its using 3D, only 2D. All that "Mystery of Kinect" PR crap is just that. As much as you want to make of it, that the PSeye is simply old dismissed tech, I've yet to see Kinect do things that it can. Like all of those cheap digital games Sony made for it instead of something like Kung Fu Live.

Motion control itself is a joke. The mistake would be to take it seriously.

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Godmars2903044d ago

The problem to just using the PSeye however might be Sony itself. Not wanting to distract from Move even if it by itself the PSeye could not only do as well a job as Kinect, but better.

You've also got Mizuguchi who wont be focusing on PSeye, but it and Move.

Bigpappy3044d ago

If the PSeye is capable of doing what Kinect can (I have never used the PSeye or Eyetoy), and a game like this comes along and is getting so much attention on Kinect, why the heck not have them do in on the PSeye? This will surely put a spoke in M$ wheel. I know some think that Kung-fu Live will do that for Sony. Your are wrong. Putting this game or Dance Central playing the same way as Kinect on the PSeye, would be a huge blow to Kinect.

I am a Kinect fan and would love to see how the PSeye compares. Nothing I have seen so far, with all the links you guys refer me to, compare to what I am seeing M$ do with Kinect.

Do it Sony! Make that Move right now baby!

sdtarm3044d ago

Im getting tired of you!!

"I am a Kinect fan"


aceitman3044d ago

y its his money wasted not ours i like to move it move it

LordMarius3044d ago

Two bubbles? huh why. Well bubble++

OT: I think it would be fair for him to do both


Go to youtube and search Kung Fu Live... Then any Kinect Demo... Now do you see that the Ps eye can do even more than Kinect?



What? You mean there is no youtube video of Eye/EyeToy pre-recorded crap with some actor playing catch-up? Ultrageous!

strickers3043d ago

The TGS Dancing Stage demo looked just like an Eyetoy(I have used both versions a lot)game and Pacman looked awful.I think you are in dreamland if you think Kinect is a good game controller.Move is superb by the way.The thing is MS will buy some support,get a few good games,but bar dancing everyone of those games would be better on Move including this game.The accuracy,response and rumble are what you need for games,especially with experienced players.

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Dac2u3044d ago

I don't understand, if the game is already being released for the PS3, why wouldn't they automatically add in Move support, it would only help it sell better in the end.

Apotheosize3044d ago

I honestly thought the PS3 version would already have Move support

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