13 PlayStation 2 HD remakes we’d like to see

Gamesradar: Sony seems to be on something of an HD remake kick lately. This week finally brought us long-awaited confirmation that the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection will head our way sometime next year; with last year’s God of War Collection and the upcoming Sly Collection, that brings to three the number of classic PS2 series Sony’s retrofitting with 1080p visuals and Trophies, before re-releasing as budget-priced PS3 games.

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TheLastGuardian3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

I love the HD collections but 1 per year isn't enough. I'd buy most of the games on this list.

DigitalRaptor3044d ago

Isn't it just absolutely fantastic?

To compliment all the great games coming to PS3, we also get these remastered classics!

FarEastOrient3043d ago

I think I'll buy every single one of these collections especially all of the ones suggested on the first two pages.

EeJLP-3043d ago

Yes for MGS: Collection.. but no thanks on Twin Snakes. The graphics are better, obviously, but the voice acting is bad. I'd rather have the original PS1 version.

BattleAxe3043d ago

They left out Tony Hawk and Socom. Not to mention that an HD remake of Killzone would be nice.

EeJLP-3039d ago

I think they'd need to remake the original Killzone, not just make it HD. The enemy screams were damn annoying and it was kinda repetitive and bland overall. It wasn't a great game on release. I wouldn't really consider it a classic, but I'm sure some fans do, so I'm not bashing them. I'd just much rather see it remade from scratch than just HDed.

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Eddie201013043d ago

Would love to have most of these, also the covers they made look really good too.

fedex6823043d ago

I want all my Ratchet. Please Sony <throwing hands on the floor and crying>!

iamnsuperman3044d ago

GTA trilogy would be cool to have

HydraxFFx3044d ago
I would love to be able to try this game, sadly when I found out about it my PS2 was long gone.

Shaymin3044d ago

I would so get the GTA trilogy

albel_nox3044d ago

The Final Fantasy Collection would be better without 12. They could call it the Final Fantasy X Collection. Other than that I would love to get all these collections except the Harmonix and Mark of Kri collections.

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The story is too old to be commented.