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Sports like tennis, squash, and badminton seem like they should be a great fit for Sony's new PlayStation Move hardware. Holding the motion controller isn't wholly unlike holding a racket, and the act of swinging said controller could hardly be more straightforward. Sports Champions uses the Move motion controller really well in its table tennis game, but Racquet Sports, sadly, does not.

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Seijoru2952d ago

They can't all be winners. Some devs are just crap.

DarkTower8052952d ago

expect shovelware. The combination of an easy to develop for platform and relatively low retail price ($39.99) for the games will bring alot of shovelware. It's ok though because at least we know that Sony's 1st party devs will do things right and anything that comes from them will be solid.

Kamikaze1352952d ago

I just hope the good Move games start coming out soon. I'm getting the Move (maybe two) when LittleBigPlanet 2 comes out. Maybe before that because I sort of want to play Resident Evil 5 with it.


Not just 1st pary support will remain good on PS3, but also will 3rd parties multiplats and exclusives.

That's the problem with the Wii, although Nintendo still can do great games, none of the Big 3 as of now can fill a year alone with it's games, not even Sony (which have most studios out of the 3 companies). Wii have some good 1st party support but it usually don't share the multiplats the HD consoles and PC receive, which means that every year you are down to some Ninty's exclusives, one or two good exclusive from 3rd party devs, even more rarelly a good multiplat and tons of 3rd party exclusive shovelware.

PS3 isn't like that, it didn't lost it's appeal to big multiplats because of Move. Every year PS3 will still have many Sony's exclusives (move oriented or not), few good 3rd party exclusive (again, Move oriented or not), tons of bad exclusive shovelware from 3rd parties (mostly or all move oriented) and still have tons of multiplats in the level of quality we are already used to.

PS3 added MC, it didn't become limited to it. That's, ladies and gentleman, is what means WIN-WIN situation.

tunaks12952d ago

get ready for imagine babyz HD

2952d ago
tyrex2952d ago

break your shovels out. Try again ubisoft youll get it next time.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

What is doing Ubisoft?

''Gesture-based motion controls don't work well ''

That happens because they didn't programmed the game for Move well. It's a game designed for Wii.

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The story is too old to be commented.