Game Guys Review: Eagle Eye Mouse and Keyboard Converter

There's something about the precise and comfortable feel of a mouse and keyboard that relaxes and satisfies PC gamers. Now, PlayStation 3 owners can enjoy the keyboard and mouse controls for all of the games in their library thanks to some new gear from Penguin.

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Agent-862952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

I wonder if this is better than the XIM360 v1 (the PS3 compatible version). One difference I see: with the XIM, it has to be plugged into the PC while using it with the PS3. This Eagle Eye converter looks like it only needs to be plugged into PC to program it.

Agent-862952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Update on the XIM360 v1. It plugs into the USB of the PS3 and USB of the PC with XIM box in between. The KB/mouse is kept plugged into to the PC and you never have to unplug them. However, there is a XIM program that has to be installed and running at all times when using it (it's doing the button emulation). The program not only assign buttons, you can also adjust sensitivity and the size of the "dead zone". Anyone out there using the XIM and can give us a review/opinion? Wondering how it stacks up against the Eagle Eye.

theonlylolking2952d ago

If only they will update it so that you can change the sensitivity without buying a 5000dpi mouse

xTruthx2952d ago

I have a G5 and it works great, I'm sure that mouse is cheap by now(bought it when it was 75 bucks)

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