CoD: Black Ops. All known details

This Call of Duty is different from what we saw earlier, away from what is the theme of the Second World War, but at the same time also differs from what are today's conflicts as in Modern Warfare.

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TrailerParkSupervisr4023d ago

This is one gamer who will be found on Medal of Honor servers, not Cod ones.

vickers5004023d ago

Wow, thank you. N4G, this article, and even the entire world has just been made a better place because of your comment. Might I ask what other games you wont be playing? I really want to know, very very badly.

The_Count4023d ago

To each his own :) . Personally I didn't enjoy the beta that much for Medal of Honor so I'm gonna give it a miss.

Redrum0594023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

despite gt5 launching nov2, lbp2 and assassins-creed are launching around the same time as blackops, so theres a very slim chance of buying cod day1 for me.

MGRogue20174023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

... These translated articles are really starting to annoy me now.

On topic: I'm looking forward to CoD Black Ops.. And yes, I know you are looking forward to it too! :)

Who isn't..? -.- (maybe the Halo fanboys lurking around out there)

user83971444023d ago

Is Black Ops going to have Move support? Because if it ain't that sucks but if it does than day 1 for me. I'm happy because Killzone 3 will and Resistance 3 most likely will.

blumatt4023d ago

I wish it would though since I just bought two Starter bundles and one extra Move controller, so I'd love to try it out on CoD. However, I'm probably not going to be getting Black Ops anyway since I've vowed to not buy anymore CoD games for a couple of years until they update their graphics engines to something resembling Killzone 2 or Gears. Also, CoD is always a glitch fest, so that's another deal breaker for me.

vickers5004023d ago

Correction: Modern Warfare 2 is always a glitch fest.

I've played CoD 2, 4, and World at War, and have never encountered any game breaking glitches. Don't write off the CoD franchise as glitchy just because one game happened to be.

"until they update their graphics engines to something resembling Killzone 2 or Gears."

Who cares about graphics as long as the game is fun? Oh right, spoiled graphics whores, I forgot.

Sillyace924023d ago

World at War had worse glitches than MW2. People could hide in objects, go under the map, etc. MW2 is mainly an unbalancing issue.

But I suppose you didn't encounter it because you bought it a year after it came out, right?

CyberCam4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

I'm curious, if graphics don't matter to you, then why did you invest in a next-gen hd console, surround sound system & HDTV? That is, assuming that you did buy them or are you still playing your old xbox/ps2 on your old SDTV?

Personally, I invested a lot of money into next-gen gaming hardware, so I DO EXPECT the games I purchase to make use of hd graphics, sound & gameplay to the fullest! If that makes me a graphics whore, so be it!

At the begin of this console war, both Sony & M$ were preaching about great the next-gen of graphical fidelity would blow us away!

vickers5004023d ago


So I suppose you're not buying Fallout New Vegas or Killzone 3? Neither of those two games look any different from their predecessors.

And I bought an HDTV to enhance my gaming experience, I don't rely on it like you do.

I watched one of my friends play it a lot around launch time, and rarely ever saw anyone glitching. It wasn't plagued with glitchers.

CyberCam4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

Your comment makes no sense at all???

Killzone 2/3 & the Fallout +addons all have very high sharp graphical detail, great surround sound & terrific gameplay, from THIS GEN and are the perfect examples of why I bought the next-gen hardware! Those games take full advantage of all the hardware I use, as I mentioned.

You should have used the Halo 3 & Halo Reach as a better example! I'm not a COD fan but going from MW2 graphics to BO is a bit of a let down in my book... yes I know the gameplay is identical.

LOL at your second comment... no amount of money can enhance a mediocre looking game, it's like buying a beautiful leopard skin and putting it on an ugly stray ally cat. When it's all said & done, it's still just an ugly stray ally cat.

I have very high standards, what can I say, I expect more visual enhancement/gameplay for my gaming dollar.

vickers5004023d ago

Yeah, but Killzone 3 and Fallout 3 have shown no graphical progression thus far. Whether or not Call of Duty looks good is completely subjective. I personally don't think it looks all that great, but it doesn't matter to me because I like the gameplay of previous Call of Duty games (pre MW2).

"LOL at your second comment... no amount of money can enhance a mediocre looking game"

So you don't play classics then? That's a shame. You'll be missing out on Shadow of the Colossus, ICO, the Sly Cooper games, the God of War collection, Oddworld, and most likely a lot more remastered classics (some of which you might not have played before) yet to be released.

Oh well, that's your loss.

CyberCam4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

First off, how can you say that Kz3 & FO3 have shown no graphical progression??? Have you actually played the final release of either game? Better yet, have you played any of the previous last-gen version of either game? If you have you're telling me they've shown no graphical progression this gen? Thought so... And I'll say it AGAIN, that's the reason I spent $$$ on the hardware I have, that's why I'm a graphics whore (as you put it).

Let me guess you're basing your assumptions off of online cam videos that have to be compressed in order to be viewed online. As COD's graphics being subjective... doesn't that rule also apply for all games?

As for me not playing classics... I'm 41 years old and I've been gaming since I was 10. My first game I played was pong (with the 2 knobs, hooked up via UHF). My first PC game was Wolfenstein, then I moved on to Quake. I was a MAME freak in the mid 90's, I played (a still have on disc) every arcade rom out there. I have emulators all the way from Atari, Intellivision, Collecovision, SNES, Sega Genesis etc. I did miss some PS2 games (like ICO, Shadow of the Colossus) because of my obsession of Counterstrike, Tribes, the original Rainbow Six series create by RSE & the Socom series. I also have played Oddworld & Myst etc. I will be purchasing the ICO/SOC collection when it is released.

I have watched the gaming industry go from a small niche pass time, to this mammoth money making machine over the years. I can't even count how many generations there have been. I've played games you've probably never heard of!

I got into the IT business at 18 years old, so I know my way around technology.

So in short I have lost nothing! Let's just leave it at "we disagree on this subject" and call it a day!

vickers5004023d ago

"Let me guess you're basing your assumptions off of online cam videos that have to be compressed in order to be viewed online."

There has been direct feed footage released onto the net. If Guerilla had just told everyone that the footage they released was a snowy expansion pack, people would have believed it.

And yes, I've played (and own) both Killzone 2 and Fallout 3, and the graphics on FNV and KZ3 look exactly like the graphics from the previous games.

"As for me not playing classics... I'm 41 years old and I've been gaming since I was 10.~~I will be purchasing the ICO/SOC collection when it is released."

So, you don't apply your graphics logic to everything like you said you did then. You said earlier that a game must have extremely good graphics in order for you to purchase it, yet you say you are going to be purchasing a ps2 game (the graphics in these remastered games are pretty much no jaggy versions, not much is going to be changed in terms of adding new textures). That contradicts your previous statement of only buying the games with the best graphics.

You cherry pick your logic, and don't stand by it fully. ICO and Shadow of the Colossus don't look as good as Killzone 2 or Gears, yet you're going to buy them anyway. Either you are just cherry picking what you want out of your own logic, or you have yet to see the holes in your argument.

(Btw, don't take these comments in an angry tone, I don't mean to be insulting, I'm just trying to understand why you think the way you do)

CyberCam4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

Guerilla has been quoted as saying that they were inspired by Uncharted 2's graphics/gameplay and wanted to jump a head of them. They also said that they managed to get 60% more power from the PS3 and fixed their graphics streaming issues from Killzone 2. I read those quotes somewhere on N4G a while back.

Even if Killzone 3 were an expansion pack, who cares, fact of the matter is that it's still awesome graphics & great gameplay and is worth buying. Your argument in that regard is irrelevent. I will actually save my final judgement on whethers it's better than Kz2, for when I have the game in my hands.

You seem to be misunderstanding what I'm saying, I'm talking about last gen graphics/gamplay... xbox/ps2, 480p low textures vs 360/ps3, 720p high texture graphics. It's seems you're talking about sequel titles in the same gen, where same gen sequels are practically the same in most cases. Of course there not going to be a major leap in the same gen, devs are using the same tech/resources they've already created for this gen (or at least most are). Some are still using old rehashed tech & graphics.

I'm talking about apples & you're talking about oranges.

"You said earlier that a game must have extremely good graphics in order for you to purchase it...".

Please show me where I said that? I could have sword I said "...I DO EXPECT the games I purchase to make use of hd graphics, sound & gameplay to the fullest!". No where did I say " it must" for me to purchase a game. But what I actually mean is, NEW games (not classics) need to have a certain standard to gain my interest.

ICO/SOC titles are considered classics and I know remastered doesn't mean that they'll be instant HD with new high def textures. However, I do expect higher standards from NEW game releases, but that doesn't mean I just abandon the old school classics. I thought that was just common sense... sorry my bad.

You're trying to twist my words around. Old school games are sub HD and there's nothing I can do about that, use some common sense please. I didn't buy my hardware/gaming equipment for old school games, but I still play them! So, I'm not cheery picking nor being selective and I still stand by what I say.

I take no offense to your comments, I'm old enough to know that we are having a mature debate.

P.S. I know you have no more bubbles so you can PM me your retort, if you have one.

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L-Teezy4023d ago

soo.... no stopping power perk?

The_Count4023d ago

Yup, more importantly no commando.

crematory4023d ago

teezy ,this is me zeeka29may:)

gamer81794023d ago

I like halo, and I'm also looking forward to blackops.

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