Ninja Theory: Enslaved Is A Product Of Heavenly Sword

Ever wondered how Ninja Theory came up with the idea for their upcoming title Enslaved? Just know this: with every disappointment, there’s a blessing.

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Vegeta90002979d ago

Just like when Namco Bandai/From Software thinks that fans of Demon's Souls would be interested in Project Dark. Of course both were wrong as I am a fan of both Heavenly Sword & Demon's Souls but I am not at all interested in the next games by the developers.

Luckly, Sony owns both IPs and can give them to studios who know how to make games above mediocrity.

InfectedDK2979d ago

Wouldn't mind a HS2 at all.
I will try a demo of Enslaved, watch some reviews/videos etc. and make up my mind about that game not linking it to HS too much.

nickjkl2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

and now they acknowledge heavenly sword

to late now heavenly sword left you and is now out wandering looking for another man thats gonna treat her right