Seven Awful Game Mechanics (

Kevin of Writes:

"Gamers have come to recognize many different elements of video games as simple staples. We know we need to be able to save at some point. We know that being unable to heal our characters would make most games brutally challenging. We also, every now and then, want to find a bunch of hidden items. Still, the implementation of such nigh-necessities has actually become a bit of a problem. When games are so ultra-realistic that we are truly meant to be lost within them, stumbling upon a giant glowing save point can be an almost jarring experience. Listed below are seven frustrating game mechanics that ought to be refined or removed."

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theherp802980d ago

escort missions! thats the worst! even worse then the backtracking

iamnsuperman2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

I hate them....every time they appear I am like not again In open world games (side missions) I will purposely try to avoid them

rrquinta2980d ago

Yes, I also deplore them :(. I have actually purposefully avoided some games because they are escort-mission heavy.

El_Colombiano2980d ago

You should play Dead Rising.

swishman2980d ago

countdown timers are needed, like in COD4's mile high club, that would be too easy on vet if time wasnt an issue

iamnsuperman2980d ago

I got bored on day while at uni (bit hungover) so I decide to do that on veteran the count down does make it harder otherwise it wouldn't have taken me most of that day to do it

EliteAssass1n2980d ago

i hate the escort mission in Uncharted 2. It isn't that hard but i just hate it.

dead_eye2979d ago

The one where your carrying the camera man in the rain. That's my most played level on uncharted. Epic

Lich1202980d ago

I like backtracking when its done well. If done successfully it can actually act as a means of showing progression. The prime games are a great example of this. The first 3 halos method of backtracking however is a whole different matter... thats just terrible. Kudos to Bungie for finally fixing this for Reach. Not surprisingly Reach was my favorite single player experience of the halos.

El_Colombiano2980d ago

Metroid games always have the best backtracking.

Lombax2980d ago

You must not like ICO then, huh? :P

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tigresa2980d ago

Countdowns. >:I I'll do my shiz on my own time kthx game.

InfectedDK2980d ago

Why is that clown in the picture embarrassing my country.
Lol I'm sorry I just couldn't stop it.

HydraxFFx2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

There is nothing worse the when you run out of quest and you are forced to kill the same monster 100's of times to get level in an MMORPG or when you are running around in circles waiting for random encounters to get level in an RPG.

n to the b2980d ago

nah, all games have some degree of repetition. granted rpgs may seem to have a higher degree of repetition due to a lesser amount of direct control/involvement (vs. an action or fps game). I guess the trick is to make the process engaging enough to hold our interest until the next payout.

Blaine2980d ago

if they're not rewarded properly. Give me some awesome weapons and armor and I'll gladly collect all the feathers. But if the only reward is a trophy... well, I'll still do it, but I won't be happy about it!

Also, I much prefer healing items to regenerating health (the worst kind being the "screen goes dark" you need take cover for a few seconds and you'll be fine). My favorite is the infinite use cool-down healing item... probably because I'm a MAG fanboy.

HydraxFFx2980d ago

Those feathers were a pain in the ass, then you got the damn glyph things too.

iamnsuperman2980d ago

They took so long to collect.....stupid feathers

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