A closer look at PSP's AV cables

Here are the cables that you'll need to get your PSP connected to your TV. Official pricing hasn't been announced quite yet, but you can still stare in awe at the packaging, marveling at when all of us will be able to connect our PSP systems to the TV.

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g4n4078d ago

I know it seems like a no brainer, but not once has Sony said you can play the PSP games on teh TV... what bothers me is they said "movies, videos, and pictures"

i think everyone assumes that games will also be played but thats not necessarly the case...

I HOPE TO HELL that is the case, but anyone else find where you can def. play your PSP games on the TV?

AtlREMF3114078d ago

They did mention during E3 that you can play games on the TV as well.

Daishi4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

And here I was hoping they would come packaged with the new PSP 2000... At least they have component as well as normal AV, but I really wish they would come out with VGA cables.

@G4N They did say you can play games through the video out (I believe they have youtube videos of it) but it wont be at 640x480 (fullscreen) like the video will be. It will be at the PSP's native resolution (widescreen) something like 340x240 if I remember correctly.

drtysouf214078d ago

new PSP entertainment pack with daxter and family guy! Can't wait!

WilliamRLBaker4078d ago

I hope to god that they work on the psp's abbility to put that on such a big screen like mine, and it better be sharp, and good looking..

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