Move, dodge, kill: Time Crisis Razing Storm on the PS3 gets pirates | Ars Technica Preview

Motion controls such as those found on the PlayStation Move and the Nintendo Wii give you the option of bringing a very specific arcade genre into your home: the light gun game.

We've seen these games on Nintendo's system, but with Time Crisis: Razing Storm Namco, Bandai has the chance to further prove the PlayStation 3 can be a good home for the "kill everything on screen" games.

Razing Storm doesn't just include the titular game, it also packs in the arcade version of Time Crisis 4, as well as the little-known Deadstorm Pirates. For $50, that's quite the variety of games.

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deadreckoning6663926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

Its been known that Deadstorm Pirates would come with this game for a while now. How did this get approved?

Kors3926d ago

This article is Preview of the games, not news.

darkdoom30003927d ago

Luckly not the bad pirates ;)

Tommykrem3927d ago

I am quite likely to purchase this fine product.

3927d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.