New GoldenEye 007 video

Activision has released a new trailer of GoldenEye 007, which features characters that fans who played the original may remember.

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Valay2955d ago

At least we're finally starting to get new official videos of this game. For awhile Activision kept recycling the same old footage.

jazzking20012955d ago

looks good
it sure does such it only comes to Wii

Valay2954d ago

One interesting thing about this game is that Nintendo has been pretty involved with the game's development. They've even paid visits to Eurocom.

Imperator2954d ago

So many games this year. I'm getting Goldeneye, Kirby, and DK for Wii, LBP2, GT5, Sly Collection, and other multiplats for my PS3. And I already played ME2 and Reach on the 360 (which is pretty much it). Might get Fable 3.

tunaks12954d ago

Apparently Nintendo has been helping with this, only makes it more enticing.

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The story is too old to be commented.