Call of Duty: Black Ops introduces "Combat Record" - a new robust statistics feature

Ever wanted to know where the most people get owned on a map or where the most action is happening in Call of Duty? Or maybe what guns are used the most, which ones have the highest average kill / death ratio (KDR), or maybe, just maybe, how many total kills you’ve gotten on a gun? Well, we can’t promise you all of these things, but, it is definitely confirmed that the feature “Combat Record” will appear in Call of Duty: Black ops and it’s going to have a lot of awesome stuff packed into it, maybe even more then the stuff we listed.

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iamnsuperman2953d ago

I have a feeling this game is going to be a good game but going to suffer due to people not willing to pay for another COD game or being associated with Activision.

ironwolf7772953d ago

I doubt it. So many people talk hate & boycot for MW2 yet it's held the #1 spot on live forever. I think Black Ops will have vast improvements and retain all that makes MW2 so popular.
I see it outselling MW2 and holding the top spot until ... well probably until the next COD.

Echo3072953d ago

Agreed. Black Ops is going to sell like crazy.

On topic: this is a fantastic idea. Halo and Killzone have both done their own versions of this, but neither actually had the ability to view it all in game. Very awesome stuff. CoD needs stuff like this to keep the game from getting stale.

Hats off to you Treyarch.

IaMs122952d ago


Yes you are right but N4G is not the world you know. N4G maybe a lot but in comparison to who actually read N4G and play CoD is very minimal. As in yes, everyone on N4G may boycott but its still not enough to do some damage to the CoD series there are still millions of people out there who will buy it with a snap of a finger.

Just because its on N4G doesnt apply to the rest of the world.

ddurand12953d ago

only dedicated gamers care about not supported activision.

the common gamer doesnt know or care about their practices.

T3MPL3TON 2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

So very true. Which is the exact reason Activison will never have to worry about any of it. Kotick can run his mouth. They can steal from their workers none of it matters. Their games will sell, especially if it's a Call of Duty game.

Pandamobile2953d ago

Black Ops will be a much bigger seller on PC than MW2 was. So far they've corrected almost every retarded thing that Infinity Ward did with MW2.

The only questionable thing they've done so far is limit the dedicated servers to one provider, which isn't an issue for players, only server owners. But still, dedicated servers from one provider is better than none at all.

Jack-Pyro2953d ago

Cool, now I can see how much better I am then my friends >:D

MGRogue20172953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

A very nice & welcome addition. :P

ElementX2953d ago

COD can introduce all it wants but it will still be noob crap. Funny thing is, I'll still buy it to see what it's like.

HDgamer2953d ago

Nah, you'll buy it because it's for n00bs like you.

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The story is too old to be commented.