Move, multiplayer, and 3D being “looked into” for InFamous 2

VG247 writes: Sony has said Sucker Punch is looking into multiplayer, Move support, and 3D for Infamous 2.

Speaking with Hip Hop Gamer at PAX Prime earlier this month, the Move support bit is rather interesting because at one time, InFamous 2 was shown on Sony’s Move page, but we’ve gone back to it and it’s been removed.

At least it’s being “looked into” then. Not that it’s an admission, but better than nothing we suppose.

InFamous 2 is out next year.

Watch the Hip Hop interview below.

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MGRogue20172957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

omg.. That guy is making developers look bad.. Get rid of that damn title belt please ffs lol

Anyway.. The game is going to be fantastic, 'nuff said.

InfectedDK2957d ago

The developer doesn't look bad at all imo

simplyRealistic182956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

i would rather they don't add any of those , If they are now contemplating on weather to add this, this late in the developement, then forget about, it will just feel tacked on

If it wasn't thought of since the beginning of developement then just leave out until next time

Shmotz2957d ago

I'd much rather has the entire dev team focused on a fantastic single player. Now, if both modes were being built at the same time it might be different.

Sev2956d ago

Agreed. Please. Single player only, and make it the very best SP mode possible.

belal2956d ago

people just want to get something bad on HHG even when he is right.Grow up people.

And pliz don't say that he is bad and all, he delivers exclusive interviews that everyone o this forum can only dream of. HHG if you can see this, well done!

vickers5002956d ago

He lies and misleads. That's why I hate him. If he didn't do that, there would be no reason to hate him (other than his horrible grammar), but if he didn't do those things, he wouldn't be famous, so what are ya gonna do?

I also find it funny that by the logic of the majority of his viewers, anybody who dislikes or criticizes him is somehow jealous of him. The ego on some people is astonishing.

HyperBear2956d ago

Move support would be awesome. 3D...meh. it would kinda be a hit or miss with that one (I'd say just leave it be, and have the game running at 1080p at 60fps). and with MP, it could be done, but they would need a separate dev team to solely work on the MP and make sure they implement everything that makes InFamous what it stands for, and then properly make it work with online gaming. But Sucker Punch will do what they think is best, and we will all know in 2011...

darkdoom30002956d ago

I highly dout the game runs at 1080p as only a handful of ps3 games actually do. -most being small PSN titles.

Not sure whether it runs at 60fps. Locked at 30 would be good enough.(no slowdown pls)

darkdoom30002956d ago

Initally I would have said "No Multiplayer"
But I really enjoyed Uncharted 2's multiplayer. My second fav MP game on PS3 (behind MGO)If sucker punch can do what ND did and produce an excellent single player and awesome multiplayer then go ahead!

Move support? Yes pls!

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The story is too old to be commented.