5 Reasons Not to Buy Sony's PlayStation Move

Matt Peckham of PC World writes: "Sony's PlayStation Move motion-control system debuts today, which--weird as that sounds--makes more sense than a conventional Tuesday launch, since you now have the entire weekend to fiddle with it. Why can't every Friday be like this?"

What follows is a SATIRICAL look as why you shouldn't buy a Sony PlayStation Move that actually shows it's MERITS.

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Agent-862979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

I thought this was a pretty funny take on reasons not to buy the PlayStation Move. Hope you enjoy it and like the satire as much as I did. Please read the actual story and you'll see its not just another one of those buy/don't buy articles.

dangert122979d ago

its great defo done differently and a small but enjoyable read reasons are quiet funny and if any of them reason are relate able to a individual they are not a true gamer so off with his head etc lol

Agent-862979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Glad you liked it. I thought it was pretty funny, too. I enjoy satire, as you can probably tell from my name/avatar of my favorite old TV show, Get Smart.

Edit: Yikes a lot of disagrees on my post #1. Is that because you don't like satire or didn't find it funny? Or, did you just see the provocative title and are disagreeing without actually reading the article?

Windex2979d ago

xbox fanboys who rush in to bash sony.

rdgneoz32979d ago

@Windex That or the lazy people that don't like to walk (as mentioned in the article) or click a link to read something before they disagree :P. Was a good article. You could also add the instruction manual stating that "The product is intended for use with the hands only" as a reason as well, sorry ladies.

Army_of_Darkness2979d ago

And surprisingly, Very excellent reasons not to buy a PS move lol!
Kinect fanboys will be dissapointed though...

Myze2979d ago


"Yikes a lot of disagrees on my post #1. Is that because you don't like satire or didn't find it funny? Or, did you just see the provocative title and are disagreeing without actually reading the article?"

Would you believe it's because the analytical mind of an agitated audience was deceived into believing there was a predetermined lean towards disproportional bias?


How about because your intentions were misinterpreted and the disagrees were rash decisions or accidental?

No? How about because they are a bunch of idiots?

Missed it by *that* much.

DaTruth2979d ago

Think I'll not read the article, jump straight to the fanboyism, diss the site and the writer and say something bad about Kinect!

jadenkorri2979d ago

The main difference between Kinect and move is gonna be functionality, ps3 move players will get free rain with the buttons on the controller, the availability to roam freely, aim properly and pretty much what the wii can do. Yes i said wii, cause move is wii motion, get over it.
Kinect, is on rails, i hope all you stupid dumba$$ people who think kinect is better, better check into a psychiatric ward. Any game on rails is a step back, lets move forward. I was laughing my a$$ off when the guys from the harry potter movie was showing off kinect with the harry potter kinect game. Yay, who wants to play a game that moves after you finish killing everything

theKiller2978d ago

guys, read it before u think he means what it says on the title!!

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JsonHenry2979d ago

I'll buy one once a decent line up of hardcore games comes out that support it.

karatechoplifter2979d ago

My thoughts exactly. I'm gonna wait for the gimmick-factor to pass and then see if any games I really want to play are developed for it.

number472979d ago Show
Ju2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Was a pretty fun article.

Turns out I must be the biggest fanboy of all. Got it today at lunch break. The Sports bundle, and a Navigator and a second controller. A Sony lady was there like fresh from the delivery...

Man, I am on break from Gladiator. Playing this all afternoon with my step son. That and Volleyball are my favorites.

Hope he's going to sleep at some point - doesn't look like so far - lol. But I need to get RE5 and Ruse a try later.

No regrets. More fun than I thought, actually. I was hoping for that table tennis game, but turns out that's hard to play, but volleyball plays like the real thing. Surprise.

Yeah, and non of those 5 reasons apply to me. ha ha.

2979d ago
WharenPeace2978d ago

That was pretty funny, and he nailed a few good points, like "You hate fun".:D. I managed to get my PS Move on Thursday, and so far it's been quite a treat. I'm especially enjoying Sports Champions, which is weird because I absolutely hated Wii Sports.

fuckitimout2978d ago

move sucks. I gave mine away on launch day it was so bad. Laggy, can't use in dark, buttpns are misplaced, not a wii instead. Way better investment. Or buy HALO REACH instead. HALO REACH : GAME OF THIS GEN!!!! Microsoft wins this time around

scar202978d ago

wow u really think microsoft is gonna win this round XDDDDD.

farhad2k82978d ago

This must be the worst comment of all time on N4G.

gtamike2978d ago

Cause it's not for kids and they don't have much money anyway :)

mastiffchild2978d ago

Decent effort. The big thing here is that we should use one of these kinds of articles per day just to see whop doesn't read beyond the headline and never bothers with the articles at all. We've seen a few Sony heads that don't read the article now for some satirical headlines about Kinect, Wii and PC gaming to see if gamers on those platforms can be equally knee jerk read-o-phobes!

avengers19782978d ago

At first I was gonna be all defensive of the Move, but I did read the entire article, and it's pretty funny stuff. Nice Job

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NotoriousWarrior2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

3 Reasons Not to Buy Sony's PlayStation Move

1 - Too Lazy
2 - Lost in the crowd that thinks this is similar to Wii
3 - MS fanboy

Just playing about. Move seems to have lived up to the hype and the only problem is software which we know is coming with games like LBP2, KZ3, Socom 4 and so on. HOPING FOR UNCHARTED 2 MOVE UPDATE (I think it would work excellent with Uncharted 2)

Agent-862979d ago

Ya, I don't get people who complain that the Move is a Wii clone or Wii copy. It's not really a clone or copy, but rather a evolution of the technology. And, is that bad? I mean would you rather watch TV/play games on an old 25" boob tube or on a 50" HD widescreen TV in surround sound? That's just about the same comparison between the Wii and the Move.

2979d ago
jneul2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

@toddnepeon0 go back to playing on black and white tv then, because that is the difference between move and wii, move is a hd tv, wii is a black and white tv

DatNJDom812978d ago

your on thin line there buddy..... That therez dangerous thinkin round these parts.....

TooTall192978d ago

bu..bu..but momma says there's no such thing as evolution.

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Agent-862979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Sold out? I doubt that it's really sold out everywhere...maybe just your local store? There's always online. Oh, by the way, love your avatar/name. Man, Nightmare Creatures on the PS1 was such a cool game. There's one I'd love to either see a HD remake or a PS3 sequel with Move support.

2979d ago
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