New GT5 Menu Screens: "My Home", Race Events, & More

New Gran Turismo 5 menu screens of My Home, Race Events and more.

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ConanOBrien2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

..they're not buying a simulator, they would rather drive a real car (be it bugatti or not) to work and have a real home to decorate

GT5 and/or Forza is just another game after all, no matter how close it gets to "reality" (read:real-life fantasy)

Its OK being a blindful fan, but life facts are more realistic

zootang2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

You drive a Bugatti to work!

Edit: What do you drive? GT has always been about taking YOUR car around some of the worlds most famous tracks. That's the beauty of having a 1000+ cars all on disk.

57 million and F1 drivers, Sebastian Vettel and Nelson Pique would beg to differ.

"Its OK being a blindful fan, but life facts are more realistic"

What you doing here then? Is gaming not is fantasy?

Joule2980d ago

Relax its a game, im 100% sure you are not driving a Lambo or Bugatti.

mt2980d ago

you bring me a free Bugatti to go to my work then i "might" consider to forget about GT5 for a while .

Si-Fly2980d ago


You an idiot! I drive a Porsche to work, does that stop me buying every racing game I can get my hands on? No, of course not.

And if you watched the F1 last weekend you'd know that despite Hamiltons day job being driving a 700bhp racing car he said that him and several other F1 drivers hook up to race games online.

Dee_912979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

right ?

it appears u can recolor the car and the rims !!

and there are decals !!!

this is too much for me

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Pandemic2980d ago

The screens look so realistic! You'd think it's from a film. O.o

MGRogue20172980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

The perfect racing game ever? Hell yeah.. Right now, It is. :)

sikbeta2980d ago

Beautiful, GT5 is The Definitive Driving Simulator...

ThatArtGuy2980d ago

...until Gran Turismo 6.

renegade2980d ago

Gt6 will be The Ultra Definitive Driving Simulator

HeroXIV2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Second edit : god damn I'm an idiot.

Game is bloody amazing though.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Multiplayer mode is going to be Epic.

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The story is too old to be commented.