Top 5 games to buy along with the Playstation Move

The top 5 games to buy along with the new Playstation 3 motion controller that was released today, the Playstation Move.

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Should be better RUSE.

InfectedDK2956d ago

Sports Champions as it's the only one I have.
But it really shows how precise it's done and it's also great fun!

WildArmed2956d ago

No MAG? x_x

The update comes out next week (or is it closer) for Move.
and the beta already has MOVE

rdgneoz32956d ago

R.U.S.E. is fun. I have that, MAG (though BETA atm has it and the patch should be soon for the regular version of it), Heavy Rain from a while ago, and the Sports Champion game. Gotta try to Tumble demo later, though the echochrome ii demo was fun (hell the full version has 100 puzzles and build / share your own) and with both being $10 each about, its pretty nice.

himdeel2956d ago

Just got gold edition RE5 with Move, and nav controller. I've been hitting up my friends that have RE5 a couple of weeks ago to let them know I'd want to play with them so I'm excited to get back into the game.

TheLastGuardian2956d ago

Tumble looks fun. Shui Ta writes good articles. I hope he gets a job at a better website.

poopnscoop2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Shui Ta --is this your dupe account?

All writers on Examiner are terrible, and this guy is definitely no exception.

seinfan2956d ago

SpaceSquirrel is Shui Ta. He only submits his own articles.

NegativeCreepWA2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Pick up the move bundle, extra controller, the nav, Tumble and Heavy Rain today. Already had Tiger Woods. Waiting for more reviews on RE5, the first review I read didn't sound good.

Been dl and installing games all morning still haven't got to try anything. What happened to the days where you put a demo disc in and play?

Warning to anyone buying Tumble. DL the demo first then the unlock key. I don't if if did something wrong but I had to dl the 1.4 gig unlock twice, hopefully it works this time.

I'm kind of disappointed in the lack of online enabled games, its something Sony should really do to get one up the wii. I don't see any reason why games like Sports Champions are not online enabled.

MattyF2956d ago

You do know the Heavy Rain patch doesn't release till Sept 22nd, right?

NegativeCreepWA2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Yeah, just bought it ahead of time the 22nd isn't far away. been wanting to play it for awhile, it just wasn't the type of game I would buy new.

zootang2956d ago

"Been dl and installing games all morning still haven't got to try anything. What happened to the days where you put a demo disc in and play?"

You picked up the bundle but you haven't got the demo disk? Sorry my paranoia gets the better of me. Something smells fishy!

NegativeCreepWA2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

I got the demo disc, but every game on the disc needs to be installed. Not a big deal but, it does take a little while most of them are over a gig. TV Superstars was over two.

Just waiting for tumble dl the second time now and I'll be good to go. Has any one else dl it? I'm curious if they had the same problem.

BABY-JEDI2956d ago

No game controller can save this pile of pants.. If they did resi 4 I would have move now. But Resi 5 is a poor excuse for a Resi game. : (
Heavy Rain on the other hand would be worth the purchase : )

gamingisnotacrime2956d ago

I got the Move and the RE5 Gold Edition yeterday just to use it with the move. it was worth it. it might not be as good as it should be but that is because RE5 controls have always been somewhat off. But aiming and knifing is a lot better with the move. im pleased with my playtime in RE5 using the move, reviewrs are too picky in this cases

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gamingisnotacrime2956d ago

and the trouble i had was when i did mimicking, it really takes the whole motion of the arm to get clean shot.
Time Crisis demo blew me away
Heavy Rain Move Demo, that is like a whole new game
Coming soon patches for RE5 and MAG

Im very satisfied with my first day purchase

PS i suck at table tenis and the move showed just that, :(

Parapraxis2956d ago

RE5 Gold patch is already out.

sickbird2956d ago

it is? i thought it wasnt till sunday, nice i just picked up that game with move.

kneon2956d ago

That might be one of the Moves biggest issues for some people. I don't play golf, tennis or ski, yet I can do really well at the Wii version of these sports. With the Move if you suck at the real life version of a game then you will probably suck at it's virtual version as well. And I sucked at the Move table tennis as well, just as expected :)

razielsonofkain2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

They should remake the Amigas classic -- Cannon Fodder for move - that would be awesome - make is happen sensible software / codemasters :)

/edit - Codemasters purchased Sensible Software in 1999

dead_eye2956d ago

Oh yes they should.

Start the party is a really fun game with friends.

razielsonofkain2956d ago

The possibilities are endless - they could Port over games such as R-type and lemmings - and even Turrican Hd - now i'd pay a lot for an entre Amiga Hd remake series? they did it for Sega.

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