A Look Into The Games of 2011

[email protected] Writes: "If you thought 2010 had a great line-up then you may want to check out what’s in store for PS3 in the coming year. 2011 look’s to put another hurtin’ in your wallet by the amount of games coming our way. Here’s a list of exclusives and third-party games that you should keep your eye on when 2011 rolls around."

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DigitalRaptor3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

PlayStation 3 has the best games lineup of 2011 of the 3 consoles - I don't think anyone can dispute that!

syanara3727d ago

Lot's of Games too look forward too in the next year Sony has it looking good!

jamesdpseuphoria3727d ago

So many games, so little time, not a big enough wallet...I'm excited though!

syanara3727d ago

your tellin me I spent $500 on Video Game Pre-orders for this year alone!