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GameInformer: "Combining ease of use both on and off the track is the key to why this game stands out. I can’t say that either aspect of the game is the most involved you are going to see, but simply having interviews and team objectives is great for a season-based racing game. Couple that with accessible racing and an eye towards realism, and Codemasters finally delivers an F1 game everyone can enjoy."

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Hoje03082954d ago

Solid reviews so far, can't wait to get home and place this next week.

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RazRei2954d ago

Just don't know which system to buy it. Steam is having an amazing sale on it atm for like 35.99 right now...or to buy it for the PS360 since I don't have a wheel yet and I'm holding out to get one till GT5 comes out.

jjohan352954d ago

Get it for the platform that you have a wheel for. Driving games are 10x better with almost any wheel.

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