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Halo: Reach is Bungie's final Halo game. And judging by the reviews from all three IGN regions (US, UK, and Australia), it's a worthy sendoff. But why trust the opinion of three of IGN's most notable editors? They've got plenty of other editors who have played Reach and are ready to offer their thoughts. You want multiple opinions? Oh, you're gonna get 'em.

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BrianB2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

This game is flat out amazing forge mode is shokingly deep, fire fight is better than ever there just so much to do, the single player is amazing with an intense story, the multiplayer is refined/perfected robust people are gonna be playing the online 5-6 years from now guaranteed , if you have a 360 get this game if you dont buy a 360 and get this game my GOTY 2010

RememberThe3572952d ago

I know so many damn people who said they weren't going to get this game then went out and got it anyway. I was wondering why I hadn't heard from them in a while. :)

2952d ago
DelbertGrady2952d ago

Funny how all of you are getting so many disagrees for commenting positive about Halo Reach without even bashing any other games. It's the Halo effect at work I guess. Sniperfight ftw!

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Octo12952d ago

I can respect peoples opinion as long as its expressed in a mature none trollish manner. toddnepeon0 is a major troll and looks like been banned by the mods here. This is his new account opened on Sept 17th.

earbus2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Im enjoying it only at level 4 on legendary by myself online is so much more refined i got 19 kills in a game and im crap at it nice work very smooth it will definatly get some awards .

giovonni2952d ago

I just beat Reach today, and I have to say it is the Best Halo Next to Combat Evolved. The story is told in a great pace the environment of Reach was beautiful, and the combat was good. At times, I was a little frustrated by the Elites with their shake and bake style of dodging bullets. In the end I would agree with the review for it.

I also agree, that Edge can be very inconsistent with their reviews. Sometimes they are spot on, and sometimes they aren't.
I think they are dead on with the review here, there were some parts of the game I thought were bland. The space fighting was cool but slow, I thought it could of used a little sense of urgency. I mean a whole planet is being invaded for christ sake!

I tell you this also, I felt really connected to the story because I knew the end result, but didn't know how it all took shape. The emotion behind the Noble team's scramble to save Reach was kind of heart felt...... No I'm not high!
I think the part of dialog that told the shape of the team was when Noble two was fishing for combat result information and Noble One said " What, you want to know if we are losing?" and she simply replied " I know we are losing, but have we lost?"

This game marks the first time I have ever played a game knowing what ever I do, no matter how many brutes are killed elites shake and bake, and Unggoy run from over powering stances. There is nothing you can do to save the planet Reach. Knowing this fact may make someone want to stop playing the game, but the game play, story, and emotional connection is so good. You still feel the need to know what truly happened.

Finally I think, there is going to be some download content to Halo Reach. See, while The Nobles were fighting. Master Chief was also putting in work, and I think that back story would also add to why Chief makes it to Reach later, and how he ended up on Autumn

ElementX2952d ago

Bungie should've had this engine ready for Halo 3 and ODST (I've never played ODST, mind you) but I think the series would've been even better if this engine was used years ago. By now Bungie would've tweaked it and it would be even better!

A Cupcake for Gabe2952d ago

ODST was pretty interesting in the mystery aspect of it, but too dark and should of been DLC.

2952d ago
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