IGN: TGS: Warriors: Legends of Troy Preview

IGN writes: "Dynasty Warriors is a huge title in Japan, but its overseas popularity hasn't translated to the North American market. That's where Tecmo's game Warriors: Legends of Troy comes in. Built off the Dynasty Warriors engine, Troy follows the tale of the Illiad, which details a sage of the Trojan War, though I'm not sure how closely this game follows the story. Troy does allow you to play on both sides of the battle as the Greeks and the Trojans, and you'll play as eight different heroes over the course of the two separate storylines. Each side will have four major characters -- Achilles and Agamemnon have been confirmed for the Greeks and Hector and Paris for the Trojans".

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Andreas-Sword2954d ago

There are good innovations in this game.
Hector and Achilles :)