Final Fantasy XIV Is Looking Amazing

Screenshots from TGS showing Final Fantasy XIV looking incredible good

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NegativeCreepWA3045d ago

It does look amazing, but it doesn't play nearly as good as it looks.

NegativeCreepWA3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

Go play the beta then come back and disagree. I'm going to give it another chance when the PS3 beta comes out. I hooked up my 360 controller to play on the PC and it actually felt better then K/M surprisingly. So the PS3 version might actually be better.

Seijoru3045d ago

I played the beta and I agree, it feels like a f2p grindfest Korea MMO.

Biggest3045d ago

The Final Fantasy MMOs were developed with consoles in mind. Tons of people play with a controller. I personally played XI with k/m and got used to the button layout. Unless they allow you to configure the keyboard exactly as you want, and I heard they will, I will probably switch to controller as well. And the beta is a beta. Learn the mechanics of the game and help find bugs. It isn't a demo.

Rush3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

Lol at Biggest and the people that agree with him.

"The Final Fantasy MMOs were developed with consoles in mind."

Yeah ok that's why it's being release on the PC 6 months earlier and it's current performance is horrible.

Xephon083045d ago

Grindfest my ass Guild Leaves allow you to level faster, they already stated that they will reduce the cooldown, also you can do them with friends to make them last more.

Sometimes i think people miss what MMO stands for.

akilebailoyo3045d ago

what about lineage 2? that is a grindfest

Marceles3045d ago

You can't constantly do guildleves though, you have to wait 2 days to do them again after doing them once. So all of the time spent after that is grinding.

Biggest3045d ago

They already said they're reducing the guild leve recharge time. And unfortunately, grinding is how RPGs in general and MMORPGs in particular work. If you want to get more powerful in a game where the mobs are increasingly more powerful, you are going to have to grind. One of the good things about FFXIV is that you gain general experience from just about everything. You can reach the maximum physical level in the game (whatever that ends up as) without ever entering one battle outside of the main story. You can craft to gain experience. You can mine to gain experience. You can fish to gain experience. If you have the time to do every battle leve and craft leve and still more to grind, good on you. But I doubt that is the case for 90% of people in the world. That was a very long comment that can be summed up in a few words. If you don't want to grind, don't. If you don't like the game, don't buy it.

Xephon083045d ago

SE confirmed at the pre-release party that they are going to improve the UI and also add a hardware mouse which is a big gripe people have. This is for the release which is in like a week for CE.

the game has a great class development system and the code is going to get better, while by no means is it a WoW friendly UI its very playable.

the issues it has are going to be ironed out as the game progresses and don't say that it needs to be done before release every MMO is release and patched better, FFXIV won't be any different there is a great game built there, issues like UI are going to be improved.

Gorgeous game, plays well won't be for everyone and it won't baby you like WoW does, it allows you to discover and explore and actually have a ROLE PLAYING EXPERIENCE.

mittwaffen3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

-Meh looking game for the performance it nets; very inconsistent graphically imo (You'll be like this looks good, then see in the distance the most ugly textures ever, or something so ugly that you forget what you just saw that looked good previously. [High/Vhigh settings])

-Inviable walls! This is pathetic, make an OPEN WORLD game, not FFX13 linear remake! I want the ability to jump off a 10 foot cliff instead of walking 100 feet around it. Invisible walls are EVERYWHERE!

-Zones are inconsistent (Some are open, while others are literally like the forest from Zelda 64. I was sickened to see the zone map being one massive pathway network--I have never seen a more linear zone in a MMO than FFXIV's starting zone (1/3).

-Its a mess, you have no direction and personally is stupid as shit when you need to walk around and look everywhere to find a simple quest. Its a very messy/BORING system they use, but it is because it requires less work for the dev, they use it. They cop-out of a quality, well rounded game.

-Combat is shit, the UI+combat+controls ruin any fun that might of ever been there. Very stale.

-Performance is shit, even on [email protected] + GTX 470 (45% Overclock).
Alot of people have worse platforms and the game runs like hell, even on MED there are still issues (The MMO has memory leaks, or just badly optimized since settings dont truly scale performance.

All in all, i've played it; and this is worse than Age of Conan during its beta by far. This is the worst MMO i have ever played that wasnt a Free To Play.

menoyou3045d ago

everyone played the beta and it sucks balls

Leonesaurus3045d ago

And I LOVED it! Loved it so much that I'm working to get a gaming laptop to play it with my cousin!! It has it's issues but Square-Enix will work them out in time. Just need to add more monsters and shit to do in between refresh times for quests.

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