State of High Definition: Who's Winning the Studio Support War

Now that Paramount and Dreamworks Animation have just announced to exclusively support the HD DVD format, we thought it was time to revisit the current status of studio support for both Blu-ray and HD DVD. At last check, Blu-ray had all but a few studios locked down in their camp, with HD DVD trailing far behind. Has it changed?

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chasegamez4168d ago

they got paid big time
because if its not on
bluray im not buying it

cuco334168d ago

but think about it... HD DVD players are far significantly cheaper then BR players and based on your comments, if you have a ps3 (this is a gaming site right?) then you'ld be 'neutral' in this format war

here's the thing. toshiba's 2nd gen HD-A2 is only $200, a great HD DVD stand alone and a good DVD upconverter AND u get 5 free movies with it so why not go that route? why stick to BR based solely on brand loyalty and fanboyism?

embrace both formats people. this war is going to never end, it will end in a stalemate like dvd-a and sa-cd. 60/40 split of 5% is SH*T! there is NO dominance and the masses who matter most haven't even decided on what they want for HD movie playback.

sticky doja4168d ago

So I added it as an image, I laughed so hard lol.

spammy_nooo4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

somebody needs to ask the president to announce that blu-ray will destroy terrorists or something. im sick of this war.

i think major news stations should air a story telling people that if they want prices to drop, they need to choose one or the other, and blu-ray is the most advanced while hd-dvd has some special features. there are just too few actual PEOPLE fueling this war for anyone to win. its like a war of words between unimaginably stubborn retards.

this is gonna take forever...might as well buy blu-ray while im at it though, every 'vote' counts i guess.

power of Green 4168d ago

I was just going to come in here and post about that pic and leave lol.

Bloodmask4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

Universal and Paramount are huge studios. Universal being one of the largest in the industry.

For format adoption it will still take a long time though. The players must reach a pricepoint bw $100 and $200. I think Toshiba is going to do just this at Christmas time.

If HDDVD players reach that pricepoint this year and with HDDVD now having more studio support things are going to be looking pretty bleak for Bluray.

Especially with Toshiba puting HDDVD drives in all their laptops next year of which they sell 9 million annually.

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The story is too old to be commented.