Project Dark (working title) TGS 2010 Official Trailer

Check out this trailer for Project Dark from the TGS 2010 Sony Press Briefing

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LordMarius2956d ago

That definitely looks like Demon Souls 2

N4GAddict2956d ago

I think it is. It will just be call something else since Sony owns the IP.

SnuggleBandit2956d ago

Ya, they wanted to be multi :(

LordMarius2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Im sure if this sells a lot, Sony will make Demon Souls 2 to make this one look like a spin-off/ripoff(even though it isnt). They cant let that IP go to waste, but then again Im talking about SCEJ here...

rockleex2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Sony Japan is messing up big time.

They know they need JRPGs, yet they don't go around talking to Konami or Capcom to get Suikoden and Breath of Fire on the PS3... exclusively too.

They know people want Persona 5, Dark Cloud 3, Legend of Dragoon 2, etc. Yet they don't do ANYTHING about it.

They just sit back and expect third parties to come to them like they used to the previous gens. -_-"

Think about it, they got all those developers and publishers to come present at their press conference... yet they couldn't bring up the courage to strike deals?

Only good things about SCEJ this generation is Polyphony Digital and Team ICO.

Kain812956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Agreed, We want should do something...

Here you can do activly something

Chris3992956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Sony has tonnes of JRPGs, exclusive ones at that. 3rd parties are heavily contributing to the genre on the PS3. Who cares about SCEJ's contribution to the genre?

PS3 Exclusive JRPGs 2010 and Beyond:
- White Knight Chronicles
- Trinity Universe
- 3D Dot Heroes
- Last Rebellion

Coming later this year or beyond:
- Atelier Rorona
- Atelier Totori
- Ar Tonelico 3
- To be announced at TGS NIS RPG
- Trinty: Souls of Zill O'll
- Wizardry
- WKC 2
- Another World (Studio Gibli/ Level 5 game)
- Neptune
- Disgaea 4
- Final Fantasy VS (maybe multi)
- Wild Arms PS3 (rumored)
- FIVE INTERNAL titles from SCEJ from 2008

On the last note, "five internal titles", that seems to be mostly hyperbole at this point, though I'm still holding my breath for a Wild Arms PS3 and proper Legend of Dragoon game. Maybe a Legia too. So this one slipping through the cracks as multi really isn't that big of a deal. I don't have the time to play all these games.

Edit: The trailer looks good.

R0me2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

People who like hard games already own a PS3 for as best example Demon´s Souls.

If the game difficulty will be like DS, there will not be many people on Xbox, who will buy it, because they are busy with halo and stuff...

AtatakaiSamurai2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

I keep seeing a lot of people say sony owns the ip sony owns the ip but i have looked around and there is no such infomation.

can someone help me out here, is this really true that sony owns the ip? cause if so, why not spend a bit more money than was spend on the first, develop it for blu-ray and utilize the cell and have an ip that can only be played on your console meaning people may buy your console cause the game potentially intigued them

i really don't think sony owns the ip

raztad2956d ago

"That definitely looks like Demon Souls 2 "

LOOKS pretty much sums it up. This is FROM and Namco trying to profit from DS unexpected success. Hope game is good and bring something more to the table than some reskinned boses and the same mechanic.

I expect DS2 (if it ever sees the light of the day) to improve over DS with new crazy ideas coming from the guys at SCEJ. Sony Japan studios are the mastermind behind DS greatness, and I think they dont get the due credit.

Some people never understood how FROM went from the mediocrity of Ninja Blade and the mech game (dont remember the name) to a masterpiece called DS. Yeah, you got it: Sony Japan.

Trebius2956d ago

Sony doesnt mind every platform getting a taste of Demon Soul's developers' skill and obvious talent for creating a game and let them be known OUTSIDE of the ps3.

So when Demon Souls 2 is released in the inevitable future, people with a 360 will remember how great Project Dark was, and they'll purchase a PS3 for it.

Best case scenario of course.

Lovable2956d ago


Demon's Souls was a collaboration from SCEJ and FromSoftware. In that sense, Sony is also the developer of the game making it their IP.

rockleex2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Games like Breath of Fire, Suikoden, Persona, Chrono, Dragon Quest, etc.

Japanese devs are scared to take a risk with making AAA JRPGs for the HD consoles, therefore Sony has to go and support them, encourage them, and help them like they did with Demon's Souls.

Sony has to build relationships with them again. Right now they're all falling victim to the disease known as "westernization".

Sony must be the cure!

zatrox2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Haha, oh wow.

You SERIOUSLY believe that?

Here's a tip, Sony Japan only asked From to develop a King's Field-esque game, since they liked it. They gave the budget to develop the project and some help in exchange of it being exclusive, and that's it. The project was supposed to be another King's Field game.

P.S.: If you seriously think Armored Core is mediocre, it's because you've NEVER played it.

raztad2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )


Yo actually are somehow supporting my points.

AC4 (dont know about the others) got a 65 overall, be gameranking or meta. So I would say game is far from being brilliant. Probably you are a fan so thats you think so highly of it. I think average fills pretty well the description.

Dunno if you realized it but

"Here's a tip, Sony Japan only asked From to develop a King's Field-esque game, since they liked it."
Agree partially. Sony wanted a Dark Fantasy game.

"They gave the budget to develop the project and some help in exchange of it being exclusive, and that's it. The project was supposed to be another King's Field game. "

But point is DS is not Kings Field. I read an interview to Sony Japan DS producer, and he stated that FROM wanted to make a Kings Field game, but Sony didnt want that and ultimately made a lot of changes to DS mechanics, resulting in what we know as DS.

Look at this interview (it is not exactly the one I mentioned but it should help to understand how deeply involved was Sony in DS development)

zatrox2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Actually, just try playing an Armored Core game. Difficulty, deep customization, all that shit means you either like it or hate it. It's of those games you cannot judge from reviewer scores. And also, it IS far from mediocre.

About Demon's souls development process, while Sony was involved in it, most of the level design/design/core mechanics/almost everything in the goddamn game was thanks to From Software, instead of Sony Japan. Sony WAS involved in it, yes, but not in an incredible level such than it changed the whole game in an incredible level.

I would involve you being a fanboy thinking Sony is all glorious, but ah, that's just some silly personal attack that has no space on an argument (although I do believe it to be true).

raztad2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )


Well I'm sorry I left this conversation open because real life called me

OK. Here it goes.

I posted some evidence showing how involved was Sony in this game, and you only replied with suppositions/speculations and fanboy drivel.

Yes of course raztad is a fanboy because he is stating something he read. More interviews

Interesting tibid about a possible DS2. Look how is SCEJ (Kajii) calling the shots,

"Finally, Famitsu asks the question we all want know “Will there be a sequel?“. Kajii says it’s too early to talk about sequel but he hopes this a “new beginning” between SCEJ and From Software".

Also notice, how both the SCEJ guy and the FROM guy are in every interview. That is a recurrent theme, and clearly shows Sony commitment to this IP. Not just as a publisher but as a developer.

FINALLY, I found it. N4G never fails me. I knew I read that sh!t here:

Just in case you dont bother to read it:

"Producer: Ken Horii
SCE Japan Studio External Production Division
Associate Producer

Director: Hidetaka Miyazaki
From Software Production Team 1 Chief Director"

Look the PRODUCER is not more not less than a SCE Japan dude. LOL so much for DS being a game solely developed by FROM.

But wait for it, the best is yet to come:

"Horii: Being a fan of From Software means I did have some problems with their games. If it was a sequel of King's Field, there would have been things that couldn't be changed because of tradition of the series, but by collaborating with them on new IP, we could create something new.
I remember we made a major change on something almost out of my ego. "

This is classic: we made a MAJOR change almost out of my EGO. LOLOLOL. That is the SCEJ guy speaking. It does seem like Sony has indeed a lot to say about DS design.

I hope everything is clear now, and please GTFO. Dont like to be called fanboy for no reason.

Arnon2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

"AC4 (dont know about the others) got a 65 overall, be gameranking or meta. So I would say game is far from being brilliant. Probably you are a fan so thats you think so highly of it. I think average fills pretty well the description."

What kind of douchebag response is this? You haven't played the game, but you judge your experience on it based on some reviewer's arbitrary opinion because... why exactly? Armored Core has always been one of, if not the best mech game ever made alongside Steel Battalion.

God damn... I never usually rage, but your comment was the epitome of a sheep and makes me ashamed to know you actually play video games.

raztad2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Fuk off Arnon.

I just stated a fact.

MAG got a 7/10 and every xbox dude has been calling the game mediocre/average for almost a year, even though it is one of my fav online experiences. I dont pretend any one to enjoy what I enjoy, but judging by simple indexes most reviewers think AC4 is average. I dont care what you or zatrox like.

Arnon2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

You "stated a fact", and then went on to say that MAG is an excellent title, but you act butthurt over it because a lot of the populace didn't agree with you?

You're comments are all over the place.

zatrox2956d ago

I never stated that the game was solely developed by From. It was made by both From and SCEJ. What DOES comes into place, though, is than despite the changes the producer made (mainly because From had to put up with it to a certain level), the core mechanics/atmosphere/level design/ALMOST EVERYTHING goes thanks to From. Dude, they developed most of the game. SCEJ DID help, indeed, but their changes couldn't possibly have been GAME-BREAKING, because the original idea and most of the talent used for it was already there. Even so, I love the staff that made Demon's Souls as a whole, because they made a truly different game.

About your other comment, it shows more than you're a fanboy. Why bring M.A.G. to this discussion, wich is solely based on From Software and their credit over Demon's Souls? Kinda silly.

And, as Arnon said, Armored Core still stays as one of the best Mech franchises out there.

Oh well.

raztad2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Yes I indeed stated a fact, you can easily reach both meta and gameranking and ask for AC4 scores.

Regarding MAG. I just tried to be "pedagogical", my poor english doesnt help either. Point is even if you think game is brilliant is just your opinion, nothing else.

After this debate, I went to Amazon just to check AC4 prices and perhaps give the game a try by myself, two facts caught my attention:

1) Game score is quite similar to metacritic/gameranking. So owners support reviews on this one.

2) AC:For Answer (By Ubisoft) is ranked much better. LOL. This actually made me try the Ubi game and not the average AC4 by FROM.

Which brings me back to the original discussing, and allows me to get out of this off topic conversation. It is quite unlikely FROM by itself created such a masterpiece (Demon's Souls), considering its record of games are more in the mediocre side.

Ran out of bubbles. I'm off.


Hey zatrox:

"Here's a tip, Sony Japan only asked From to develop a King's Field-esque game, since they liked it. They gave the budget to develop the project and some help in exchange of it being exclusive, and that's it. The project was supposed to be another King's Field game."

LOL. That comment doesnt sound like you are giving Sony much credit, which was my initial point. My views are actually supported by the links I posted. I didnt make up that stuff up. Those interviews couldnt be more clear but you just try to spin them. Whatever.

Last thing, Demons Souls is a Sony IP, so it wouldnt surprised you Sony were in direct control of the game development. (scroll down and you will find Sony properties) (even Wikipedia is aware of SCEJ as a codeveloper of the game)

Arnon2955d ago

You cant listen to average scores bud... you just cant. You'll miss out on a lot of hidden gems because of it.

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dangert122956d ago

It does look DS2
is the game called project Dark or is that the project name and sony own what ip?

2956d ago
iHEARTboobs2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Spiritual successor perhaps?

I'm hyped though!

Black-Helghast2956d ago

Yeah, but it's multi-plat now. i bet it won't be as large as demons souls... =\

2956d ago
zatrox2956d ago

I quite doubt it.

In fact, most of PS3 exclusives barely need the Blu-Ray. You can always compress to hell and back and you'll be fine.

Baka-akaB2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

i havent seen anything in demon souls that couldnt happen on 360 .
Aside from the project starting thanks to Sony's support ... wich they later removed by not being brave enough to release it in USA and EU and leaving it to atlus .

If atlus or someone else would be the only one releasing the title in the occident , it might as well just becomes a multiplatform game

Chubear2956d ago

Demon Souls was a low budget game and could easily fit on a DVD. Now maybe the online would have needed a tweaking if it was on Live p2p servers instead of dedicated but apart from that there is nothing on Demon Souls that couldn't be done on the 360, generally speaking.

The game was low budget and had exceptional gameplay and design. This is why it got so much praise.

Demon Souls does not push anything more than what you find on multiplat games like Red Dead or Fallout Vegas. Maybe perhaps you wouldn't be able to drop loot on a map somewhere and go all over the map, come back and it'll still be there but again, stuff like that can be tweaked when using the 360 hardware.

AtatakaiSamurai2956d ago

we all know what sequels to ps3 exclusives look like. they are more often than not a big jump in quality and added gameplay so i was looking forward to a demon souls2 with the same type of jump we see in sequels like motorstorm, uncharted, killzone, infamous etc

but now it being multiplat means it will be limited by DVD storage so yes, it sucks cause it won't be as big as it should be.

but hey, i don't think it can be worse than the first one so more bigger demon souls gameplay and atmosphere is great even though it won't be a big as it could - which still sucks :(

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SolidAhmed2956d ago

but they have changed the name just to make it in all consoles, but i do not mind at all :):)

i do see a boss that is is similar to the spider from Demon's souls

dalibor2956d ago

But in DS you were not an undead, you were human. There needs to be more info and if it is DS2 than will it have online gameplay like DS? I doubt this is DS2 but we shall see.

MEsoJD2956d ago

like the spirtual sucessor to demons souls but too bad its multi. Whatever I probably still get it.

Christopher2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

*** That definitely looks like Demon Souls 2 ***

That's a huge issue if it is too much like Demons Souls. DS is a Sony owned IP and them trying to make something very similar but multiplatform could place them in court due to their relationship with the first game.

I honestly want the game they make based on DS, but at the same time I'm wondering what will be different that may not make it as good as DS in order to differentiate itself from DS.

Bloodraid2956d ago

When will people stop asking for a Demon's Souls 2?

The developers themselves said they were not going to make a sequel, but would like to make more games in a similar style.

Besides, how would they even make a sequel to Demon's Souls? You kill the arch demons in all 6 worlds (I'm pretty sure that 'The Old One' is located in the land of the giants, seeing as there are massive swords strewn about the landscape.), and are the only demon left.

WLPowell2956d ago

land of the giants archstone gets repaired... A level with worse enemies than giant defiled ones would be frustrating as all get out. Any other King/Kingdom can make a deal with the old one, and BAM, the story of DS2 is already laid out.

Baliw2956d ago

The game is set on Boletaria. There's more world out there. So it can be more archstones or whatever you wanna call it.

Schobeleth2956d ago

It still worries me why they decided to go multiplatform. I hate all this "PS3 exclusive in Japan, multi everywhere else" nonsense. It's like they're literally ignoring the 360 in Asia while catering to it everywhere else. Why not just be exclusive everywhere else and optimize it where they can. I really don't like that SCEJ isn't in on this now, they were crucial in Demon's Souls design.

Demon's Souls was obviously a low-budget game/experiment for SCEJ and From Software. If you ask me, From Software went to SCEJ with the concept and got the green light (wanting to avoid funding it fully themselves). After Demon's Souls became a runaway/sleeper hit worldwide they want to cash in on it themselves under Namco Bandai.

yoshiro2956d ago

i know this isnt exacly a reply, but, is project dark PS3 exclusive?

Baliw2956d ago

Ps3 exclusive in Japan (maybe asia)
Multi rest of the world.

VileAndVicious2956d ago

Demons Souls is that you?????

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skynidas2956d ago

Shit, this looks so awesome, cant wait, I loved demons souls.

N4GAddict2956d ago

While I'm excited for this, I still hope From Software will make DS2 in the future.

sack_boi2956d ago

This is DS2, just named different.

2956d ago
dalibor2956d ago

Same here, still playing DS. I really like the online of DS, I was confused at first how it worked but once you get the idea of whats going on it's great and it can even help you fight off eniemes/traps/bosses/sub-bosse s. I would definitely be interested in DS2. Project Dark looks interesting though. It seems like you are an undead or something taking on other demons.

RedPawn2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )


Dun dun dun dun......Dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn, boom boom boom boom boom boom.


Man that spikey coochi thing just goobled that man up, shouldn't be the other way around, but with less spikes?

Collectors Edition GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Godmars2902956d ago

Looks like it might be party oriented.

Of course then one of the people by the fire turned out to have formally been of the living persuasion.