Review -- Halo: Reach is the best Halo game since the original (Dallas News)

Dallas News: It took the developers at Bungie three tries, but they've finally made a Halo sequel that's as ground-breakingly awesome as the 2001 original.

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SeanScythe2951d ago

Not to be rude but what is Ground Breaking about it? Graphics? AI? Controls? ??

GuruStarr782951d ago

I agree, it's not really "ground breaking."

It is a good game though, and I would say it is the best since the first halo.

SeanScythe2951d ago

See that makes a good point it should be better then the first one but the ground breaking is stupid. Nothing is new in the game really that would make it Ground Breaking.

LBP to LBP 2 is ground breaking because it made so many jumps in development.

Red Dead Redemption from Red Dead Revolver is a Huge thing for a game like that.

Uncharted 1 to Uncharted 2 huge leap in development aswell.

Not much is ground breaking unless it does beyond the ones that came before it. And not just on one level on all levels.