Playstation Move Review | Gamepro

Gamepro: "Sony's foray into the burgeoning motion control arena is finally here, and after a few weeks of testing, we're ready to pass judgment. Of course, the final verdict won't be reached until the full slate of Move enabled games comes out, but even at the onset, Sony has put together a slick and technically proficient peripheral that has a legitimate chance to give Nintendo a reason to peek over their shoulder."

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OhReginald2957d ago

wow that is really good for hardware. I want it soo freaking bad, but sadly none of the games interest me. Why was socom 4 delayed to 2011!!! :(

Ravage272957d ago

have you seen the Razing Storm trailer? :)

moparful992957d ago

Sports champions is worth the price of entry.. Trust me I played alllll day. If thats not your taste time crisis razing storm has not only the namesake but it includes time crisis 4 and a pirate themed version all on the same disc and its a blast.. It takes a little getting used to seeing as you have to hold the move button down to lower your shield just to shoot but you get used to it... Resident evil 5 with move got really high marks as well.. I think sony has proven that motion controls can cater to gamers of all walks..

Baba19062957d ago

got it yesterday and played it a bit with my brothers and they seemed to like it a lot. its really fun and i cant wait to all the upcoming games for it.

jneul2957d ago

oh look another good review :)