New PS3 PlayStation Eye Title: Trials of Topoq

While at Sony's 3Rooms brand space in London today had some hands-on time with Folklore and Eye of Judgment (more on those later today). They also saw a couple of things they didn't expect to see, including a PS3 attached to a PlayStation Eye running a game they haven't seen before. Trials of Topoq.

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ngg123454075d ago

Wow, that sounds like the coolest thing. amazing actually.

KeMoBLUE4075d ago

can't wait for this. when does the PSeye release anyway?

Violater4075d ago

The Wii needs to watch out for those eye toy games.
Stay tuned for more.

whateva4075d ago

when I first read that I was like what the hell is he talking about then I looked at the name of the game again then I bust out laughing!

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