It's Sony's Move

MCV: "Move is a major new member of the PlayStation 3 family, but it isn’t designed to reinvent the format.

Whereas Microsoft views Kinect as a rebirth for its Xbox 360, Sony sees Move more as an add-on – another reason to buy a PS3 alongside 3D, Blu-ray and PSN.

And who can blame them? The momentum is with PlayStation 3 at the moment, sales have continued to rise since the new slim PS3 hit the market last year – so why risk it all by switching focus onto a new controller?
For Sony, Move is about continuing that momentum. And, hopefully, persuading those PS2 owners to upgrade to the new console."

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ConanOBrien2951d ago

needs very good world-wide ads as well

zootang2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

In the UK it has been getting adverts between and at the start of Champions League matches. Not to mention Sony advertise at every Champions League venue

The Champions League Final had more viewers than the Super Bowl.

RageAgainstTheMShine2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

I think Sony dug a gold mine with Move!
GameStop employees are having a bad day today coz people are buying the Move.

hey you down there

Without Sony's Ken Kutaragi there will be no Super Nintendo Entertainment System you uninformed troll.
No SNES sound chip, no Mario,no Zelda classic music. So shaddup.

raztad2951d ago

To really persuade PS2 owners (it is not that far fetched to think many are Wii owners by now ) to upgrade requires a proper price drop to $200, or a $250 PS3+MOVE bundle. That aint happening anytime soon.

I'm yet to pick my MOVE, but I'm glad it is getting such a good reception. Been visiting other forums and people seems quite happy overall. Very promising.


The next Generation of Motion Gaming, Move.

ArchangelMike2951d ago

The kids adn their friends absolutely loved start the Party and even my 4 year old was able to play it. I loved Sports Champions, and haven't had such a blast playing with "the other dads" is such a looong time!

Great purchase all round. "the other dad" is now going to get a PS3 for Christmas as well!

rdgneoz32951d ago

Got mine today as well and picked up R.U.S.E. to play in addition to Sports Champions. Both have been fun, can't pick my favorite. Though with Sports Champions, I was loving the table tennis. Can't wait for LBP2 and KZ3 with Move.

Ravage272951d ago

I have read nothing but glowing impressions so far

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stephmhishot2951d ago

"Sony is known to reinvent its self to copy Nintendo until they die"

I'm not even going to say anything.

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dredgewalker2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

Yep, tis better not to feed the trolls. They want attention so badly they gave up their common sense and intelligence.

Agent-862951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

Well actually, its good to feed them disagrees and trolling votes so their comments and bubbles disappear.

Nathaniel_Drake2951d ago

Don't it's a waste of brain power lol

stonecold32951d ago

to pick my copy in november as theres alot of games coming out i hopefully have move early november or late november

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