How Fallout Taught Me to Survive the Apocalypse

GameZone shares its tips on how to survive during an Apocalypse courtesy of Fallout. Read on to find out how to survive, live, and entertain yourself in a world where mutants roam the land.

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tdrules3006d ago

If the apocalypse actually happened I sure hope the animations are better and there are less glitches.
They'll probably be modded out by God though

Johandevries3006d ago

God has left a lot of glitches in life though

dangert123006d ago

God old fall out i really enjoyed 3 but i wish they made the shooting aspect more fluid and play like a fps sort of like mass effect does with third person shooters but the stuff you could do on fall out was amazing

Caspel3006d ago

LMAO! Definitely not the prettiest game.

Jack-Pyro3006d ago

Easiest way to survive the post nuclear wasteland?

Be a Child.

iamgoatman3006d ago

You'd just have to hope the person trying to kill you hasn't installed the child killer mod first.


writersblock3006d ago

why ABANDON the vault with purified air and water, clean interiors and supplies?
How about, open the door, but dont close it and completely forget where it is

vickers5003006d ago

Who do we owe everything we have, including our lives, to?

A)The Overseer
B)The Overseer
C)The Overseer
D)The Overseer

kaveti66163006d ago

Some people weren't allowed in the vaults. People were chosen at random and sent letters through the mail informing them whether they were chosen to enter the vaults or not.

Double Toasted3006d ago

Every time I play FO3, I think of using it as a guide on how to survive after 2012. I'm tempted to tell co-workers to go play this game for that reason, but then I come to my senses...

Johandevries3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

STALKER learned me a lot more

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The story is too old to be commented.