Kotaku: "Sony's UberBooth, It's "The Shit"

Kotaku: "No, we aren't being cute with the headline. Along with bathtub seats and chandelier lighting, Sony is providing porcelain thrones for gamers to experience (among other sensations?) the PS3. Also of note: maybe it's due to their voluntary inclusion of bathrooms, but Sony's booth is easily twice the size of Microsoft's. Aside from the toilets, the ambiance is quite tasteful."

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Salvadore4200d ago

Wonder if those toilets are available for taking a dump or a leak?

The Real Joker4200d ago

Well Preferably a dump. I had hotdogs for lunch.

Doctor Phil4200d ago

En thus began another flame war.

It's great fun to read people flaming each other over some product(s) they don't even profit from. I don't get it at all....but's great fun to read people flaming each other, like the good little soldiers they are.....muah ha ha =)

Ri0tSquad4199d ago

The flame wars are really getting old too many children.

razer4200d ago

Why would you line your booth with a bunch of toilets?? To me that just screams our console's are the equivalent of taking a dump..

I guess I'm not the marketing genius Sony is but I never got the whole fine chick sitting on the toilet and putting it together with gaming.

pilotpistolpete4200d ago

Maybe because ppl are gonna sh*t themselves once they see what Sony has to offer.

Sorry, I like puns to much.

timmyp534200d ago

BY TECHKNOW of Kotaku: "New Slogan coming Sony: We're the sh*t."

anyway looks very kool

Nice Bar:

Nice Chill out:

I wish i had this setup at my house haha

razer4199d ago (Edited 4199d ago )

I guess I don't use the toilet the same as everyone else does.. I always equated the toilet to using the bathroom but I guess people equate it to greatness.

#3.1 - You have a good point, maybe people will need to make a quick squirt after seeing the great games from Sony.

I think if Sony really wants to bring this point home they should throw manure on everyone that walks up to the booth or maybe do some advertisement with fine girls rubbing sh*t all over themselves.. Now that is Living!!! Right disagree'ers????

The rest of the booth looks fantastic however!! I wish I could go!

ALIEN4200d ago

i wonder how many bathrooms they have?

toughNAME4200d ago

my booths bigger than yours!

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The story is too old to be commented.