All 156 New Pokémon in Black/White Revealed

If you’re looking to ruin all the fun before Pokémon Black and White hit North America, we have pictures of every one of the 156 new Pokémon. Our good friends at Serebii have information on the typing and abilities of all 156 Pokémon from Black and White but if you just care to see what these new guys look like, hit the jump! Spoiler warning, obviously.

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Nitrowolf23045d ago

a lot of these look so familiar to the old pokemon, prob cause they are just reusing the animal again

wow they really tried hard with the 3 legendaries didn't they
nothing beats the original 3 legendaries, at least they looked different to each other, now every new gen they all look the same just with different color

Invader_Quirk3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

These suck. They have lost the ability to create creatures that look like they can survive... or even walk for that matter.

And I hate those three monkeys more than anything. So horrendous.